Going Against the Flow With Active Family Vacations

Active family vacations offer an exciting alternative to traditional sightseeing trips. Not all families are happy planning sedate vacations which don’t require any physical activities. In fact, for more active families the thought of spending a lot of money to stand around and look at tourist attractions as passive viewers sounds as interesting as going to the library on a holiday.

Going Against the Flow With Active Family Vacations

There are families which refuse to settle for the more traditional trips. This is especially true for the over 50 crowd with older children or families with grown children who have kids of their own. There’s a big and exciting world out there and many families see vacation time as an opportunity to explore and not just view the world around them.

Active vacations not only offer alternatives to standard vacation fare, but also create trips that can have something for everyone. You may not like backpacking the mountains, but you will enjoy the fishing in the mountain creeks. You may not want to go hang gliding like your grown son or daughter, but you are ready to start that mountain biking excursion.

There are so many different ways to structure a family vacation that includes some exciting activities for everyone. And exciting doesn’t have to mean dangerous or physically challenging. If you have younger children or family members, you might want to consider a fun family vacation such as a houseboat trip down a European river or a week at a dude ranch.

In other words, you can think expansively when it comes to a family vacation if you are looking for something different to do on your holiday.

Going Against the Flow With Active Family Vacations

Culturally Speaking

Many families who choose to take a non-traditional vacation take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy many of the cultural activities. Advanture family vacations include a variety of trips that blend plenty of physical activity with the joy of learning more about the many cultures and events held in interesting locations. Some families even choose to combine service work with recreational enjoyment.

  • Take a mission based trip to an exotic locale
  • Attend an annual festival that includes lots of dancing and physical competitions
  • Join a world recognized charity bicycling event that crosses a mountain
  • Volunteer to help build new homes in an emerging country where outdoor activities abound
  • Help build a nature preserve in a country with few resources

These are just a few ideas for active family vacations which combine both fun and/or socially responsible activities.

The kind of vacation you prefer is completely up to you. The point being made is there are no limits. You can travel to any continent and find numerous active vacations. It was not that long ago when families seldom traveled across the ocean until the kids were grown and gone, but that is not true any longer.

Today the whole family plans a trip together. Active family vacations can include hiking, skiing, rafting, and canoeing in addition to sightseeing or service projects.