Going green in baby steps

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World” -Mahatma Gandhi

What’s the Benefit of Going Green?

Did you know that:

  • Living green can cure many types of illnesses/allergies.
  • Living green will make you feel better and look better.
  • Being eco-conscious will save your children’s future.
  • Becoming a green-conscious-consumer will help you save money.
  • Living green gives you peace of mind that you are doing your part and as a result, you have a sense of inner-joy in your daily life.
  • Not only will you cut down on your household expenses, you can save money on your taxes too!

    Going green in baby steps

    Going Green Baby Steps

    Here are a few ideas for selecting one thing at a time for the No Stress Green Transition:

  • Change your incandescent light bulbs to CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent light).
  • Get in the habit of turning off the lights when you leave a room.
  • Unplug appliances that consume energy even when they are not being used or turned off (a/k/a “Phantom Load”). Some examples are: cell phone chargers, any type of chargers, any type of appliance that uses electricity to tell the time of day, etc. A great idea is to use a power strip to plug these appliances in and simply flip the off switch to turn them all off at one time. EASY!
  • Don’t let the water run when you are brushing your teeth.
  • Use as little hot water as you can tolerate when taking a shower – or take a cold shower!
  • Buy locally grown, organic food. This saves on the food miles (more on that later) and supports clean (non-toxic) agricultural practices.
  • Donate unwanted items to a local charity. Please make sure it is a good charity. Do a little homework to make sure they are legit. Personally, I like Charity Navigator to get the scoop on charities, but there are several others.
  • Shop at thrift stores for things like summer play clothes, extra dishes and kitchen appliances! I’ve found so many things at thrift stores which still had the price tag on and were never even used! It’s not glamorous but it’s so fun! (beware of dust!).
  • For really nice clothes, furniture and home décor items that you no longer need or want, find a local consignment shop and sell them!
  • Shop at consignment stores! It’s more expensive than a thrift store, but you generally won’t sneeze as much!

    Note: Every single piece of furniture in my little apartment is from my favorite consignment shop, including my light fixtures (CFL bulbs purchased separately), beautiful art for my walls, knick-knacks and other household things.

  • When you run out of a cleaning product, replace it with a green cleaning product (make sure it’s non-toxic). Do the same with the paper products you consume. Reach for the recycled plastic garbage bags, toilet paper and paper towels.
  • Better yet, make cloth napkins out of a nice fabric that you have around the house but no longer use.
  • Instead of using paper towels to clean up, cut up some old, unwanted clothes/fabric which have good absorbency, and make a “rag bag.” (OK – that’s what my mother called it…) I prefer to name it something a little less tacky, like… the “cleaning cloth case.” Then put the cleaning cloths in a cute little eco-friendly basket with a lid!
  • For obvious reasons, you may want to learn to sew. It’s a magnificent creative outlet and can be really artistically therapeutic!
  • Find a local green dry cleaner or learn how to dry clean your own clothes.
  • Educate yourself about hybrid vehicles. See the Hybrid Cars page on this site.
  • Recycle your garbage!
  • Don’t buy bottled water — instead, I suggest filtering your tap water with one of the many small filtering devices that attached directly onto your faucet, and use refillable water containers instead. You will save a bunch of money! There are several links on this site that have awesome resources for thermal containers for cold water and water filters.
  • Shop at a grocery store that recycles their plastic bags (hint: you’ve got to return the bags!)
  • Even better — purchase reusable shopping bags! (It’s a really chic thing to do these days). See the places to purchase some really chic (eco-freak) bags on this site!