Golf Beginner Tips – Starting From Scratch?

Here are a few beginner tips for those of you embarking on a quest to learn to play golf. If only a beginner could start from scratch! (That’s an inside joke. When you are a scratch golfer, it means you can, and usually do, shoot par for the course.)

So you want to learn to play the great game of golf. Good for you!! This is one game that will grab you by the throat and sink its teeth into you unlike anything else before. I don’t mean to make it sound scary. It’s just that once you start, you’ll find you want to keep on doing it.

But how do you start? That’s what these beginner tips will attempt to show you.

And what do you need to get started with? Well, here’s the good news. It’s as easy as going to a driving range to learn the proper swing techniques for ball striking. And you only need one or two clubs to get started such as a driver and/or an iron.

Now, that may sound complicated for a beginner golfer but it really isn’t. You can either borrow a couple of old (but not too dilapidated!) golf clubs from a friend or family member or even rent them at the local driving range.

A bucket of range balls usually run about six dollars or so. Coupled with a good instructional book or someone who knows how to demonstrate the basics of the golf swing, and you’re in business.

Now I don’t want you to think that it’s all too easy either. These beginner tips are just scratching the surface of a complex game such as golf. They don’t pay professional golfers in the millions of dollars because of something that just anyone can master. Beginners need to have realistic expectations of just how good they can expect to be when just starting out.

Golf Beginner Tips   Starting From Scratch?

It has been noted by many of the professionals who write instructional tomes about golf that anywhere from 70% to 90% of the golfers in the world will rarely break 100. That means, on a course with a par of 72, most players will need an extra 28 or more strokes to complete a round. Beginners can expect to take many more than that until they become better with practice.

With this information, you can see that breaking 90 or even 100 on a regular basis would put you into a very small group of golfers. But, to put it into perspective, how good are you at other games such as baseball, hockey, tennis, basketball, etc.? Likely just good enough to participate and contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game. Any better than that is a bonus.

Golf Beginner Tips   Starting From Scratch?

So the key to learning to play the game of golf using some of the beginner tips here is not to put too much pressure on yourself as a beginner, but to basically learn the fundamental techniques so that you are comfortable stepping out onto a regular course for a round of golf. In other words, it shouldn’t take you more than 9 strokes and a maximum of 15 minutes to complete a hole.

If you take more than 9 strokes to play a given hole, you really need to go back to the range and work on fundamentals. It’s also considered proper to pick up your ball after 9 strokes, regardless of your position on that hole, and proceed to the next tee in order to keep pace of play within acceptable limits. Beginners and seasoned players alike usually follow this rule. The exception would be if you were playing alone and no-one was behind you being held up. Then you could take as many strokes as you like.