Golf club driver

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Each year manufacturers come out with a golf club driver that is almost guaranteed to give you more yardage, greater accuracy, and lower your scores so that you can be the “Tiger Woods” of your foursome. And for those of us who may be having problems getting off the tee box, this new driver is “just what the doctor ordered.”

We run off the golf store and plunk down $300 or $400 for the latest technology and head back to the course to make the same mistakes, only with a more expensive tool. Before you spend money on equipment, invest money on yourself. Meet with a professional instructor and have them look at your basic swing – not to change it completely, but to see where you might improve it, tweak it.

Spend time practicing, using drills your instructor may have provided or you read about in a publication. As you gain greater proficiency, you will be able to appreciate what the new technology can do for you. Now if you are ready for that new golf club driver, use the technology at your local golf store.

Have your swing analyzed. What is your club head speed? What type of shaft is best suited for your swing style? Are you hooking or slicing the ball? See if you may take a “test” club and play a round of golf to get a true feel of the equipment.

Golf club driver

Finally, shop for the best value. Certainly the latest golf club driver technology isn’t going on sale any time soon, but you may find some great deals by spending a little bit of time shopping on the internet.