Golf Pitch And Run Tips

The golf pitch and run tips outlined below will help you to play shots from anywhere between 10 – 25 yards off the green.

The pitch and run shot is similar to the chip shot, with the same address situation applied as the chip shot. The only difference between the shots is that the stance should be a little wider than that of the chip shot, and the swing will be a little longer.

The pitch shot should be played with a short iron (a 7, 8, or 9 iron is ideal). This helps to get the ball in the air just long enough to clear the fairway and land on the putting surface, where it is much easier to judge the bounce and run of the ball.

The pitch and run shot also requires the wrists to be locked in order to promote a consistent swing which is straight towards the target.

The backswing and the upswing should be the same length, which helps to keep the swing smooth and consistent. Resist jabbing at the ball or leaving the upswing unfinished.

Golf Pitch And Run Tips

As with any type of shot, remember to keep your eyes focused on the same spot until you have finished the whole swing. Don’t worry about where the ball is going, if you keep your head down until after the shot the ball will take care of itself.