Golf Pitching Tips – The Picture Is Much Bigger

This page outlines various golf pitching tips which will enable you to pitch the golf ball to within a short distance of the hole.

The pitch shot is of a much higher trajectory than the chip shot or the pitch and run shot. The objective is to get the ball up in the air and land next to the hole with minimum roll. In order to achieve this, a pitching wedge, sand wedge or lob wedge should be used for the pitch.

The pitch shot is one which is played around a maximum of 50 – 60 yards from the hole. The reason the pitch shot cannot be hit any further is because, like the chip shot and the pitch and run shot, the wrists are kept locked throughout the swing. This limits the amount of power imparted in the swing.

The stance to be used when playing the pitch shot is a little more open / wider than the chip shot. This creates stability throughout the faster swing.

Golf Pitching Tips   The Picture Is Much Bigger

One of the vital golf pitching tips is that the upswing should be at least the same length as the downswing. By following through on the pitch shot, you are helping the golf ball achieve a higher trajectory, which in turn leads to less roll when the ball lands.

As I keep repeating, keep your eyes focused on the ball throughout the swing to maximise the success rate of the shot. Only look up after the swing is complete.

The pitch shot has been made easier with the introduction of the lob wedge, which will have a loft of anywhere around 60 degrees. Using the lob wedge to pitch a shot towards the green will help the ball fly higher and, consequently, stop the ball dead on the green.

A final point: do not try to ‘flick’ the golf club under the ball to achieve height. The loft of the clubhead will generate height for you, there is no need to use your wrists to ‘flick’ the club. If you are playing the shot correctly, the club will do the work for you. Don’t use your wrists to flick!

Take on board my golf pitching tips and improve your short game!