Golf – Using Your Irons Effectively

One way to become proficient in golf is to master the use of your irons . In short, become good at ball striking with, for example, your 7-iron. Now, if you can consistently hit this club to a distance of roughly 150 yds. and be fairly accurate in aiming the ball, you can pretty much be breaking 90 in no time.

Here’s how. Say you are on a 345 yd par 4. You tee up with your 7-iron and send the ball about 145 – 155 yds. up the fairway. Then, for your second shot, do it again.

That should leave you within 45 to 65 yds. of the middle of the green. Use a wedge to reach the putting surface and if you are within 1 putt, you’ve got par. 2 putts and you’re no worse than bogie.

You can realistically play an entire round of golf using only your 7-iron and a wedge and putter, and still score very well. If your distance with the 7-iron is consistently a bit shorter or longer than the 150 yd. example, just adjust your calculations. If you cannot reach over 100 yds, switch to a longer iron like a 5-iron.

Each golfer will achieve their own distances with different irons. For example, these are my stats for each club in my golf bag. All are average distances:

  • Driver – 250 yds.
  • 3 Wood – 230 yds.
  • Perfect Club – 210 yds
  • 4-iron – 185 yds.
  • 5-iron – 175 yds.
  • 6-iron – 165 yds.
  • 7-iron – 155 yds.
  • 8-iron – 145 yds.
  • 9-iron – 135 yds.
  • Pitching Wedge – 120 yds.
  • Sand Wedge – 95 yds.
  • 60 deg. Lob Wedge – 70 yds.
  • 64 deg. Lod Wedge – 45 yds.

Golf   Using Your Irons Effectively

Let’s look at another example of using your irons to get to the putting surface. Say you are on a hole that is playing to 435 yds. par 4.

You know from your practice sessions that your 7-iron will travel roughly 150 yds. Your second shot will also travel 150 for a total of about 300, leaving you about 135 yds. to the center of the green.

A slightly less than full swing can put you on the putting surface . ‘ If ‘ your short game skills are decent and you can get your 3rd shot to within 8 feet of the pin, you have a great chance at putting out for par. But that is a very big ‘ if ‘.

The short game is a whole game within the game. In fact, there are 5 different games within the game that are played in every round of golf. You are actually using 5 completely different sets of skills each time you decide to hit the links.