Good health from your dietary antioxidants

Best food antioxidants, dietary antioxidants, health supplements, which ever we choose to supply our daily nutrition, the latest research shows us the food groups that give us potent antioxidants!

When otherwise healthy cells are compromised by poor diet or environmental factors, they become free radicals – molecules that are missing an electron.

These free radicals attack healthy cells in search of missing molecules. Experts believe that this is the beginning of cancer. Antioxidants are found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, and work on the side of healthy cells to fight against free radicals.

Finding an adequate source of these comes down to diet, and finding these is as simple as getting to the nearest grocery store.

Specific fruits and vegetables – green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale delivering significant amounts of lutein; tomatoes and tomato products carrying lycopene; fruits such as blueberries and other berries, kiwi, prunes, and pink grapefruit; vegetables rich in beta-carotene including carrots and sweet potatoes; and others high in Vitamins A, C, and E.

Unexpectedly for some, the flowers of some plants are also very high in antioxidants Begonia, Tropaeolum, and Rosa that have flowers with an acceptable taste.

Good health from your dietary antioxidants

Results suggest that the cultivars we have investigated have potential to be cultivated as edible flowers, and storage for 7-8 days did not reduce antioxidant levels.

Rose petals contain relatively high levels of antioxidants, which may give rise to a new crop with significant health benefits.

Ginger and spice and all things nice…a very old saying, but science backs this up with news of anti-cancer fighting nutrients in many spices.