Good Skateboarding Tips For Beginners

Okay, skateboarding tips for beginners. There is a lot of good information on my website now. If you really want to learn about skateboarding just look around. But if you want a quick overview, you have found the right page! I’m going to outline the fastest way to start skateboarding from nothing. I’m warning you though, you could miss a lot if you just follow this. But it’s the surest quickest way to get into skateboarding I can think up. I will spare you the how to, so you’ll have to figure that out on your own or with the rest of the site. Ready?

First you’re going to need a board. Don’t spend a lot on your first one, but don’t get something too cheap either. Get a complete and be done with it.

Now, get on some clothes which are comfortable. You will need to be able to move around. Shorts and a t-shirt are probably good.

Get some friends. It’s boring learning by yourself. If you have friends who skateboard, just ask them if you can come with. Show them you have a board and you want to learn and I’m sure they will let you! If you don’t have any friends who skateboard then find some kids who do and meet them or get some of yours to just hang out with you.

Find a spot to skate at. Look for an empty parking lot without security. Make sure there are no signs that say no loitering or anything like this. OR, you can find a basketball court or a park. It’s going to be too early to learn at the skate park, unless they have a flatland spot.

Good Skateboarding Tips For Beginners

Choose a stance. Goofy or regular. Flip a coin and then forget about the other way. DO NOT spend extra time here. You want to learn fast? Trust me and just pick one.

Now start pushing with you back foot. Just go at it until you can get around everywhere and anywhere. After this, you’ll begin ollies. Congratulations, you can sk