Gourmet cofee, espresso and herbal teas to enjoy any time of day

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Gourmet coffee and coffee machines

If you are one of the millions of people who enjoy fresh, gourmet coffee, you’ll find good information and resources for assorted premium roasted coffee beans, espresso, cappuccino and herbal teas available for your home or office.

The type of coffee bean plus method and temperature used for roasting are what determines the quality, strength, and flavor of the beverage as you’ll see from the types of coffees listed below.

New Orleans blend from Community Coffee is a distinctive, rich, dark style reminiscent of a French roast, full bodied and very good.

Did you know you can have Starbucks® delivered to your office? This is premium gourmet coffee at its best. Office delivery is a great idea for coffee loving employees.

Gourmet cofee, espresso and herbal teas to enjoy any time of day

Adding flavoring to roasted coffee beans has become a popular additive that you may enjoy. My recommendations are chocolate almond and french vanilla. Very good!

The choice of a good brewing system plays an important part in making the perfect cup of coffee. A high quality machine equipped with a water filter and excellent brewing system can enhance the flavor of any premium roasted beans.

Choose Zaccardi’s – the “Coffee and Kitchen Specialists” percolators and drip machines, which are of the highest quality and durability.

Espresso and espresso machines

Espresso is an Italian word describing how coffee is filtered or “pressed” out. Boiling water is passed through finely ground coffee beans, expelling the liquid much quicker and under steamy pressure.

Because espresso is a much richer and stronger beverage, a 2 ounce cup is the usual serving size.

Cappuccino is espresso topped with frothed milk. A 4 ounce cup is the usual serving size. Warm cappuccino makes a very nice ending to an evening out.

The process of making espresso and cappuccino gets the best result when using a high quality Italian espresso machine designed especially for the purpose of making espresso.

Gourmet cofee, espresso and herbal teas to enjoy any time of day


If you aren’t a coffee drinker, gourmet teas are a delightful alternative. Herbal teas and green teas are considered to have numerous health related values including stress reduction and sleep enhancement. Herbal tea also helps in the removal of impurities from the body.

Choose from the finest herbal tea or soothing chamomile tea at Culinary Teas.com. There are a great selection of flavors available for tea.

I enjoy herbal tea, but my favorite is french vanilla gourmet coffee with a crunchy marble chocolate or almond biscotti for dipping. Delicious!