Gourmet Duck

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Gourmet Duck and Goose. At the beginning of the 20th century French cooking guides, while considering the goose, said that, from a gastronomic point of view, its merit was to supply the finer, more compact and more perfect fat liver. Equal importance was given to very young gosling and some appreciation for the Alsatian goose with a sausage filling was also expressed. Not very much considered as a gourmet food, the goose was instead appreciated in the countryside as precious resource. As the pig, in fact, it is an animal of which every part can be used: meat, sausages, hams, fat, eggs and the precious feathers.


Better appreciated than the goose is the duck, which has had its moments of glory in culinary history. Just think of a dish like the “canard aux oranges”, gourmet duck with oranges, that, don’t forget, must always be prepared with bitter oranges. In reality, duck introduces gastronomic characteristics totally different from those of the goose. Its meat has a stronger taste and the domestic duck maintains something noble like the wild animal. It is not necessary, therefore, to season and flavor it like the goose, but it must be bound to strong flavors to create a pleasant counterpoint. This can be obtained using rhubarb or juniper but also sweet ingredients like honey and pumpkin.

Gourmet Duck


To evaluate the age of goose and duck the spout must be observed: in the young animals it is flexible and elastic, while in the oldest it is rigid. The skin of legs becomes more and more wrinkled and tough as the animal ages. Their age it is important since the young animals are best suited from a gastronomic point of view.The French breeders supply animals that are very appreciated in gastronomy: the duck of Rouen, the duck of Nantes, the Croiset, the Challant. Duck meat must be well aged, and cooked “rare”. Some purport that this criterion is valid for the chest but not for the thighs, holding that those must instead be well done but, in my opinion, if the animal is of good quality, young and well aged, thigh and chest must produce the same results and be cooked “rare”.