Grandmothers Pound Cake Recipe

Grandmothers Pound Cake Recipe still brings some memories from my childhood…


Grandmothers Pound Cake Recipe
8 oz butter
8 oz soft brown sugar
4 eggs (separated)
3 tablespoons sherry, or brandy, or rum
8 oz plain flour
pinch of salt
½ teaspoon mixed spice
½ teaspoon grated nutmeg
8 oz currants (cleaned)
8 oz raisins (stoned and cleaned)
8 oz sultanas (cleaned)
2 oz glace cherries (halved)
2 oz almonds (blanched and shredded)
2 oz candied peel (shredded)

To finish
¼ Ib almond paste
1-½ Ib fondant, or royal, icing (later on this page)
8-inch diameter cake tin

Set oven at 325°F or Mark 3. Line cake tin with a double thickness of greaseproof paper.
Soften the butter in a bowl with a wooden spoon, add the sugar and beat thoroughly until soft and light. Then beat egg yolks into the butter with the sherry (or spirit).

Sift the flour with salt and spices and divide it into three portions. Very lightly fold one into butter and egg mixture and mix second portion with the prepared fruit, glace cherries, almonds and candied peel. Whisk egg whites until stiff; add fruit to butter mixture, then fold in the remaining portion of flour and the egg whites. Turn mixture into the prepared tin and bake in pre-set oven for about 2½ hours.
Test if the cake is cooked by piercing with a trussing needle (or fine skewer), which should come away clean. Turn cake out of tin to cool.

To decorate the cake, cover with almond paste, and royal icing and pipe on decorations. Alternatively, if you decide not to pipe on decoration, simply smooth the royal icing over the marzipan, then ‘rough’ the top with the flat of a palette knife.

Royal Icing:
1 Ib icing sugar
2 egg whites

Finely sift the icing sugar. Whisk the egg whites until frothy and add the icing sugar 1 tablespoon at a time, beating thoroughly between each addition. Continue this beating until the mixture will stand in peaks. Add flavouring and colour if wished. Keep the bowl covered with a damp cloth when piping.