Great curtain styles for every room in your home

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Curtain styles what’s right for your home. There are some basic rules that you should stick with. At the end of the day though you should just go with what you really like and don’t get to hung up with what’s the fashion of the day.

“Right checkout the room by room guide below, and have some fun”

General Rules If you live in a modern apartment then don’t go for swags and tails with all the fancy fringe. Choose something more contemporary such as eyelet curtains or cartridge pleat heading. You can always compromise and have a traditional fabric made up in modern style.

The same goes in reverse if you live in an old traditional home, but like I said earlier go with what you like as much as what you think is right. After all you have to look at it every day.

Living room curtains

Usually the main room in most peoples homes. So make your window treatment in this room a big statement. Spend more money here and a little less in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Great curtain styles for every room in your home

Bedroom curtains

Does the light bother you then why not get some blackout curtains. Fancy something a bit softer and more feminine. Then how about a blackout roller blind with a sheer fabric draped over a rod. Very attractive and not to expensive.

Kitchen curtains

Generally simple is best, don’t have long curtains and over the sink a blind in the recess would do better, save getting splashed and dirty. Country curtains are a good solution and not very expensive.

Bathroom window treatments

Curtains are fine, but unlined so if they get a little damp they will dry out quicker. Another good idea especially in a steamy bathroom, the old faithful roller blind. One that will let light through but give you enough privacy. There are moisture resistant fabrics great for bathrooms.