Greek Goddess Athena – Your Goddess Within

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The Greek goddess Athena never had a childhood, but was born a grown woman. And if Athena is your goddess within that might very well have been the case with you, too: You might have been that wise little girl who happily took on a responsibility far too heavy for a child’s shoulders, who lectured parents and teachers about right and wrong and who found girls same age playing with dolls extremely childish.

As for the Greek goddess Athena – her father was Zeus and her mother the Titaness Metis (her name means wisdom), his first wife. Metis had helped Zeus become chief god by preparing the poison that Zeus gave his father Cronus, which made him vomit up all Zeus’ brothers and sisters, who then all helped Zeus to get rid of Cronus so that Zeus himself could get the throne. And how does he thank his wife? He swallows her! Zeus had been predicted that Metis would give birth to a son that will take the throne from him – like father, like son, one can say – and no way that Zeus will allow that to happen!

Greek Goddess Athena   Your Goddess Within

According to Hesiod, the Greek writer whose poems about the Greek gods (Theogonia) were written approximately 700 years before Christ, Zeus himself gave birth to the Greek goddess Athena from his forehead. Other writers claim that Zeus had to beg his son Hephaestus for help. Hephaestus, the Greek god of crafts, had a fabulous axe and his father asked him to smash his skull to relive him from the labour pain. Of course, Hephaestus thought his father had gone mad, but eventually gave in. And there, out of Zeus’ skull, sprung a beautiful woman with sparkling eyes, fully armed, and already looking powerful, impressive and a bit scary – but not that scary that Hephaestus, despite being her brother, didn’t immediately fell in love with her!

Yes, if Athena is your goddess within there certainly is something impressive and powerful about you. You stand on your own two feet and the last thing you need is a man to provide you with what you want from life – you can get it yourself, thank you. The Greek goddess Athena was a virgin, which is an indication of her ability to make it without getting married. Like another famous woman of history, being a virgin didn’t prevent her from giving birth to a son. Like her, you might also be a single mum, and finding the strength to raise your child alone from your goddess within.

You are probably so talented in so many ways that it can scare some people off (never mind, they wouldn’t be in your league, anyway!). The Greek goddess Athena is normally considered the goddess of wisdom and science, but this creative lady made many inventions: mathematics, the flute and the trumpet, the ship, the chariot, the plow, the yoke and the rake. I’m sure you were a great student at school and you still keep your mind very active – after all, you consider the brain the most attractive part of man and your brain will always be sharp and in shipshape. But you also manage to fix the sink if it’s blocked, change wheels on your car and clear the entrance to your home from snow. A keyword for Athena – and you, as she’s your goddess within – is capability.

The goddess Athena is very brave and a competent fighter, who was participating helping the heroes in for instance the Trojan war. While her brother Ares tended to chick out, Athena never shows any fear. You might get afraid, but you are too wise to show it. Or rather: you feel the fear and do it anyway!

The Greek goddess Athena is associated with the owl (the small owl art called athena noctua), and that’s how the owl again is associated with wisdom. The Greek writer Lukian (in his Dialog with The Gods, circa 150 AC) even said that Athena’s eyes were bulging like the eyes of an owl. Might have been, but she was still considered one of the three Olympian beauties together with Hera and Aphrodite.


  • Career: Politician, teacher, professor, scientist, researcher, analyst, librarian, surgeon, astronomer
  • Hobbies: Suduko, cross-word, learning new languages, learning something difficult, playing chess, puzzle, reading, discussions
  • Home: Plenty of place for your books, a huge desk with plenty of room for your computer(s), a round table with good chairs – for discussions with friends, rather than dining
  • Husband: You don’t really need one, but might meet a great guy in the University canteen who wins you over with his theories on gamma radiation or microsurgery
  • Holidays: Learning Chinese in China, volunteering in the political campaign of your favourite politician or touring planetariums