Greek Goddess Hera – Your Inner Divine Self

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Greek goddess Hera knows that a crisis gives her a chance to grow

The Greek goddess Hera is the protector of marriage and family. If Hera is your goddess within you know that every society is built on family and that strong family ties is your most important asset in life.

Hera was tricked into marrying Zeus. As she at first rejected him, Zeus turned himself into a little bird that Hera picked up and held to her chest. When Zeus revealed himself she got so embarrassed that he had been so close to her breasts that she agreed to marry him. Though there’s no doubt the Greek goddess Hera and Zeus did love each other, their marriage isn’t considered to be a tremendously happy union, as Zeus constantly was infidel with mortal women and Hera of course got jealous.

Greek Goddess Hera   Your Inner Divine Self

If Hera is your goddess within it is because you know something very important: That no one is perfect. You know that we all have our weak sides and you are not only willing to, but also able to really forgive weakness.

We have all witnessed public scandals with men in high positions who have used prostitutes or had mistresses, men who have been forced to go out public and ask for forgiveness. Often there’s a wife next to him, a rock of support. She’s a Hera. Some thinks of her as a fool as she stays with her husband after something like that. But Hera is far from being a fool. Hera is smart. She knows that she grows, that she gets stronger and more powerful after being through a crisis like this one. And because of her ability to forgive from within she’ll also start loving her husband again. And of course – he’ll be at her feet and do anything for her after the support she’s given him.If Greek goddess Hera is your inner goddess you know that crisis is a synonym for growth. You’re not a person to break down. After all – your entire family relies on you! Your strength is something you transfer to members of your family. The hero Hercules, known for his tremendous strength, was named after this goddess of strength – his name means “famous because of Hera”. Another keyword associated with Hera is loyalty. You can trust a Hera.

When a Hera marries it’s for life. You don’t need a marriage counselor to tell you that every marriage goes through phases. To you, marriage isn’t only about romance and being in love. It’s an institution, it’s the foundation of your life – and of course, you make sure it’s a solid foundation also for all the members of your family.

When you drive your kids to training and spend hours cheering for the school’s football team you know you’re not only supporting your child, but also building a relationship that will last for life. You’ll be there for your husband’s tough speech, for your daughter’s labor – not to mention first weeks at home with a new baby, for your grand child’s first day in kinder garden. You will never accept family members eating at different hours or worse, in separate rooms. You’ll arrange Christmas, Easter, weddings, wedding anniversaries, graduation parties – name an occasion and you’ll call the clan. The clan, by the way, doesn’t necessarily include only blood related members, but every “poor little bird” you hold to your chest. As a protector of women and women’s lives, of menstruation, pregnancy and birth, you’ll especially reach out to every women in need and give her the support of you and your ever growing family.

The Greek goddess Hera was the mother of three: Ares (the god of war), Hephaestus (the god of crafts) and Hebe (the goddess of eternal youth and cupbearer to the other gods). But you don’t need to be married or have children of your own to be a Hera. You can create your own family by including friends and neighbors. And you are just as forgiving and accepting when it comes to the people you include in your family circle as to people you are related to by blood. These relationships last forever.


  • Career: Running the family business or a home-based business, any job that is easy to combine with family life, president’s wife, running a shelter for women, educating women, working for women’s rights
  • Hobbies: Spending time with family members – whether it’s reading fairytales for younger members of the family, helping your children with their homework, cheering at your husband at the 5k run or helping your grandma shopping.
  • Home: It has to be huge to have room enough for the ever expanding family. The most important piece of furniture is the dining table, where you should be able to seat and feed at least 20. Your home is just as suitable for a newborn baby as the old grandpa who can barely walk.
  • Husband: He might have his flaws, but there’s no doubt that he loves only one woman: You
  • Holidays: At the family’s country home. If you don’t have one: Camping with your family or visiting family members