Grip tape is what holds your feet to your skateboard

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It is what allows you to do tricks and helps you control your board.

When I started skating I thought grip tape was all the same. I thought it was just sand paper with some sticky stuff on the bottom. I assumed it didn’t matter what I was skating with, but this is because I always got good free grip with the boards I bought. After a while I couldn’t get boards at the same place anymore, so sometimes I’d try different grip too.

Now I have tried many types of grip tape! I have some basic rules on deciding which type I will buy. I find that if I get some at a local skate shop they are usually looking out for skaters. They know that their customers are important and they want to provide good products to get repeat business. I usually will trust their judgment.

Some places where you need to trust your own judgment would be sports shops who sell skateboards. Be careful when you get stuff at one of these places. I know the ones in our area often run on commissions and just want to sell you something.

So what do you look for when buying at one of these places? Try to get some name brand . Mob or Black Magic are good and you know it’s the real thing if the logo is on the sheet of paper it’s stuck to. But maybe they don’t’ have brand name stuff and it’s the only place around.

Grip tape is what holds your feet to your skateboard

At this point I would look at the grip and see if it is grippy on the top. Don’t buy stuff that is really chunky. Also, this may sound stupid, but I always peel up the corner and feel and look at the tape part. I never buy tape, which is gray on the bottom. I really only buy black grip. Black on both sides. Now I am not saying there are no other good grip tape products besides black ones. However, there are a lot of knock offs and rip offs. By buying the plain black on both sides, I find I reduce the chance of getting crappy product.

Grip tape is what holds your feet to your skateboard

Do not by grip tape on ebay. It is usually cheap and falls off your board. If you are going to get some from ebay, make sure you are getting brand name grip.

I believe you should get free grip when you buy a board. I don’t know if that’s how it is where you are. Around here sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. I don’t like to buy from places where I feel I am getting ripped off. If I am paying 65 bucks plus taxes I deserve grip tape with that. If the boards are marked at 49.99 though it’s different. I assume it isn’t included and I could understand charging five more dollars or so to get it with the board.