Groups That Concern Us With Animal Wall Art

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We all have wall art in one form or the other. Wall art in itself is probably the oldest form of art. Since early man had picked up a rock and scratched in on a walled surface. To a clump of charred wood. Discovering that a colored sediment remained on the marked surface; began the form of expression that we now call art.

So what type of wall art is there. Lets look into these groups that concern us with animal wall art:

Framed Art:

This is such a broad section, and one of the oldest. We would be looking at all paintings that have been done through out the ages. Sketches that have been framed; from pencil to pen and ink through to charcoal.

Tapestries have also been known to be framed, as tapestries have been done since the medieval days, a way of a lady other activities during their leisure. We are also looking at the more modern photos that have been framed on our walls today.


Murals, where would the world be without murals. They bring us into a different atmosphere as we walk into a room, only to be faced with a scene from another land for example. Residing on our walls… . They make wonderful backdrops in living, and also promote the stories of history. As murals also tower above us on buildings, also seen on the semi-trailers driving our roads. I’ve been known to paint some myself.

Groups That Concern Us With Animal Wall Art

Wall Tapestries:

This form of art has been around for such a long time. I look in wonder when I am faced with these tapestries in the old houses of England when I am there. And my love for them is as timeless as they are. Some tapestries are so large, that they take up nearly the whole wall of some stately homes, and just as priceless I’m sure…..

Relief Wall Art:

We have talked about relief’s, the form of sculpture that is in a sense; raised forms on a block slab. Which have been around for a long as we can remember. You will find these forms of relief in so many cultures. Focusing on interiors and exteriors of buildings.

Metal Wall Art:

There are different forms, and I have been seeing allot of metal wall art coming out these days. Of dragonflies and lizards. To put on your walls, and also garden walls. Some are quite large in size too.

I’m sure that different types will keep coming out in animal forms, just as they have been coming out in wire design form for many years now.


More of a modern way of putting your pictures up on the walls in your favorite space. It is more a temporary way of doing things. Ok… there were wall posters back when there were wanted posters put up in the old western towns. So in a way; this form of media, became a way of putting art up on the wall today in picture form.

Sculpture Wall Art:

This is different than a relief, as with animal wall art, this form of sculpture does not have forms raised out of a flat slab. A sculpture on its own without any backing to it. These sorts of sculptures which are hung on the wall. Gives you the sameness of a sculpture; though hung on the wall just like a painting.