Guess Collection – Watches Breaking Down Barriers with Charisma

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The newborn Guess Collection watches are all Swiss made with luxury European designs.

The Gc collection is one of several jewellery lines from Guess. The others are ‘Guess’ and ‘Guess Steel’, but the ‘Gc’ line has pretty much received more attention due to its recent distinctive designs and mass marketing.

Guess now faces competition from other watch making designer companies such as Versace and Fendi with their entry level high end watches. In order to compete, this means that Guess Collection watches now feature higher quality materials and are constructed better than before.

Gc Watches Main Points

Paul Marciano, CEO, Creative Director of Guess Inc. has used his creativity and expertise to developed Gc watches that are more than just a timepiece. They all individually make a clear statement and they are attainable luxury at its best.

Guess’ newly reformed watches has now entered the entry level high end watch catergory, so you will be expected to pay anywhere from £200-£500.

Guess Collection   Watches Breaking Down Barriers with Charisma

  • The most notable feature when you first look at the range of Gc watches are the unique designs. The most notable element that they are known for is the design of the dials. Many feature large characters, usually roman numerals and a glistening case surrounding it.
  • The casing is another highlight as some models feature the unique rose gold casing with either a plain, black coated or roman numeral engraved bezel.
  • The wrist straps and bracelets used are nothing short of high quality and style. They usually differ in terms of design and material for each watch from real leather to sturdy stainless steel in an assortment of colours and styles.
  • Mens Gc watches feature a limited range of functions and features including chronograph stopwatch, second time zone, tachymeter and date. Although these functions are incorporated into the watch, the main focus is the placement and versatility of the function designs.

Guess has made a special mark for themselves within the watch catergory. There really isn’t any other watch that can be compared with the Guess Collection in terms of individuality, charisma and luxury all combined.

If you was to wear a Gc watch, it will certainly be eye catching and it will make a statement about yourself. If thats what you’re looking for, then you’ve made the right stop.