Guide for Choosing the Right Educational Toy

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Educational toys are an important part of growing up. They introduce children to new ideas, enhance their creative thinking abilities, and encourage development. Our society today has placed an emphasis on toys that focus on the developmental needs of the child. Parents expect the toys they purchase to educate, as well as, entertain.

The right educational toy brings creativity and a love of learning together. Choosing toys that stimulate creative, pretend play will enhance a toddler’s language development, motor skills, matching skills, and social skills. Toys that allow children the freedom to use their imagination become the most treasured, played with toy.

Guide for Choosing the Right Educational Toy

Below are 4 factors to consider when purchasing a toy:

•Be sure to read the age recommendations to find a toy suitable for your child. Some toys can be dangerous for smaller children. A child will also become bored if the toy is below his development level.

•Look for toy descriptions/labels that state developmental benefits appropriate for your child’s age level.

•A child may be above or below the developmental level for his age. Take this into consideration when purchasing an item. Just because a toy states that it is appropriate for an age level does not necessarily mean that it will fit the needs of your child.

•Choosing an appropriate toy for your child’s needs and interests will provide positive play time that promotes lifelong learning.