Guide To Buying Bicycle Helmets

Wearing bicycle helmets is sort of like wearing your seat belt. You know it will protect you from serious injury, but you think an accident won’t happen to you. Unfortunately, if one does, and you are not wearing a helmet, the consequences can be devastating.

If you plan to ride with clubs.. or in events.. or with experienced riders.. or go with travel groups.. luckily, you won’t have to make a choice. No helmet.. No ride!

In addition to life-saving potential, bicycle helmets have many other benefits. You will keep cooler with helmets because of the way the vents are designed on your helmet.Guide To Buying Bicycle Helmets

A continuous flow of cool air is driven over your head like a cool breeze. Bicycle helmets are made of the same material ice coolers are made of (polystyrene), and this foam like material keeps heat out. Some helmets come with a visor, or better yet, a removable visors. Visors are especially good for off-road riding by blocking sun rays flashing through trees and keeping your head protected from low branches.

Guide To Buying Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle helmets normally come in 3 different sizes. Small is 20 to 22 inches; Medium is 22 to 23 1/2 inches; and Large is 23 1/2 to 24 1/2 inches. To get an accurate sizing, measure your head right above the eyebrows, where the helmet is supposed to be worn. Bicycle helmets do come with fitting pads, so if you measure accurately, you will be able to adjust your helmet to fit perfectly. After you purchase your bicycle helmet, please read the instructions very carefully, as they provide you with precise fitting instructions, both for comfort and for safety!

More expensive bicycle helmets do not equate to safer helmets. The added benefits you get are lighter weight, more advanced strapping systems, more vents for cooling and are constructed to hold up under much heavier use.

The average life of bicycle helmets are 3 to 5 years. If you do crash, it is highly recommended that you get your helmet checked to see if it needs replaced.

We recommend Giro and Bell Products, although there are other quality brand names. These two however, are synonymous with high quality helmets.