Guide to Buying Cycling Clothing

I must admit, I fought it.. cycling clothing?? ex-football captain wearing tight bike shorts.. overweight guy normally hiding behind beefy t-shirt, wearing a nowhere to hide cycling jersey..

Well, I lost the battle. I’m now like a kid in the candy store, excited about buying my cool-max socks, my lycra eight panel jet cycling shorts or my two tone 3 pocket cycling jerseys.

You see..

Cycling clothing is not just an excuse to wear bright colours while riding around town! Today’s cycling clothes are made from high techs fabrics, and are light, comfortable, easy to care for and very functional. And probably the most important feature is the high performance fabric wicks away moisture from the body, through the fabric and outside to evaporate. Results.. drier clothes.. cooler body.. more comfortable feeling!

Guide to Buying Cycling ClothingGuide to Buying Cycling Clothing

After caring for saddle sores, blistered feet and almost fainting under the Florida sun (wearing my now soaked, 80 pound, beefy t-shirt), I realised that it was time to see what all the fuss was about. It took a little while to completely change my ways. Each week I added something new until I was finally dressed from head to toe in cycling clothing.

I was now an official, and smart, bike rider.

And I’m not afraid to admit it. As my old school pal on a recent visit from Ohio asked over another beer “you don’t really wear those tight bicycle shorts do ya?”. Yeah bro, I do!!

Maybe it is human nature. Maybe it’s a guy thing. Maybe I was just stupid. But, just don’t fight it like I did! Sure, you can get cared away, and that’s okay, but just the basic clothing will make your cycling a 1000% more enjoyable.

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