Guide To Buying Electric Bicycles

Electric Bicycles are a unique machine in that you combine physical exercise with the option of a motor to assist you or to take over for you, depending on the situation. Electric bicycles can make a difference for you if:

1. You avoid riding because of a hilly terrain.

2. You want to enjoy the benefits or riding outdoors, but you might not be in the best physical shape or have physical ailments.

3. You are looking for an alternative to public transportation or driving a car to work.

4. You want the convenience of riding through your neighbourhood visiting friends or need to go to the local shopping centre.

There are three types of electric bicycles to consider:

Power On Demand – This bike gives you the option to pedal, to pedal with the assistance of the motor or to not pedal and use the motor exclusively.

Guide To Buying Electric Bicycles

Power Assist – This bike requires you to always pedal to engage the motor, but you have a throttle to control the amount of assistance you need.

Pedal Assist – This bike requires you to always pedal, but there is no throttle. A special sensor activates the electric motor and tells it how much help to give you based on how hard you pedal and what gear you are in.

Some manufacturers switch the terms “Pedal Assist” and “Power Assist”, so read specifications carefully.

Some other things to consider:

Voltage – Most models come with either a 24 or 36 volt battery pack. Terrain and your body size has a huge impact on the use of your electric bike. The bike will ride slower and run out of power sooner. If this fits your profile, your must consider the 36 volt model.

Storage – Electric bicycles can be quite heavy, so you will need to consider this if you must store the bike in a place requiring you to lift or carry the bike.

Speed & Distance – On average, the electric bicycles can go between 14mph and 18mph, and between 15 and 20 miles distance. Many factors must be considered here: how much pedalling you do, size of battery, terrain you ride through and your body size.

Guide To Buying Electric Bicycles

We recommend you consider the following manufacturers:

Currie Technologies – offers both bikes and kits to modify your bike. Currie is the leading manufacturer of electric bicycle in the U.S., and provide a solid product, are an established and growing company with a lot of users.

EV Global Motors – Lee Iacocca’s Light Electrical Vehicle company offering a line of e-bikes utilising a state-of-the-art electric hub motor from Heinzmann.

Giant LaFree – LaFree was the first bicycle to incorporate the Variable Power Control feature, giving the rider the ability to apply power to the pedals on an “as-needed” basis. Cut through the wind and climb up the hills as never before!