Guide To Buying Folding Bicycles

Folding bicycles, also called portable bicycles, fold or separate in to a compact size unit and can be carried or transported much easier than a standard bicycle. These bicycles can go with you anywhere you want.. bus… train… plane… boat… wherever.

These are just some of the reasons to buy a folding bicycle:

You have restricted storage space in a house, apartment or dorm room

Transport your bike in the trunk of your car without worrying about theft or damage to the car.

Commute to work, or to any destination, and if needed, take public transportation home or get a ride with a friend.

Perfect for college students zipping across campus, bike stores under their desk

Store one on your boat, when you arrive at any port of call or island, you have instant transportation.

Going on vacation? Keep several bikes in your car trunk, RV or camper and go exploring.

The list is endless. The folding bicycle truly expands the functionality of bicycles.

Guide To Buying Folding Bicycles

When buying a folding bicycle, you need to really check the specifications of any bike you are considering to make sure it functions for what you need..

Folding – you probably want the bike to fold without needing any tools or having to remove any components. Many quality models have excellent folding mechanisms and can be done within 30 seconds. Check to see if the chain is in the middle, when the bicycle folds, thus you won’t get grease on yourself, or an innocent bystander.

Carrying – check to see what the size of the bike is when folded. This will dictate how it can be stored, depending on your specific use. Many come with a carry bag and or case, making it more convenient to transport. Most folding bicycles are under 30 pounds, but weight might not be that big of an issue if the bike has a quick folding mechanism, because you can ride or wheel the bike up to the lase moment before folding it.

Gear & Components

Popular Brands

We recommend you purchase your folding bicycle from one of these four leading manufacturers:

Bike Friday




Guide To Buying Folding Bicycles

All have great reputations, but Dahon is the leader in this field. Dahon, who refer to their bikes as “portable bicycles”, have sold more than 1.4 million portable bicycles throughout the world over the last 20 years.

Dahon produces about 100,000 bicycles a year and have specific models for City, Commuter, Sport, Touring or Mountain riding. In September, 2003, Dahon made two major announcements concerning upcoming product lines.

1. They entered in to a licensing agreement with Ritchey Design, Inc., a leading bicycle frame and component innovator. Dahon will use Ritchey frames for a new line of portable 700C Breakaway performance road bikes. The frame has patented technology that allows the frames to be split apart for transportation. The entire bike will fit in to a medium sized suitcase with dimensions only slightly larger than a 700C wheel.

2. They announced a design partnership with Joe Murray, a two time National mountain bike champion and a member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. They will design a full size portable mountain bike. These hard tail mountain bikes are scheduled for 2004 introduction.