Guide To Buying Mountain Bikes

Types of Bikes

Rigid – the basic mountain bike, very durable and comfortable, good for all around riding on roads and trails.

Front Suspension – also known as “hardtail”. Has a suspension fork making the ride more comfortable, and the rider more in control. Very popular.

Dual Suspension – also known as “dualie or fully”. Has front and rear suspension for ultimate control on the most rugged trails.

Freeride – Different models will incorporate features of the hardtail and the dualie. Has reinforced frame, components and wheels. This bike is for serious downhills, jumping, road and trail use.

Suspension – most serious mountain bike riders prefer some type of suspension. You will enjoy better traction, control and speed with a suspension bike, and will be safer too. Another benefit is your body will not take such a beating as with rigid frames.

Guide To Buying Mountain Bikes

Front suspension bikes are lighter, easier to clean and maintain, and a very efficient. Dual suspensions are fast, comfortable and provide you with a lot of control. It really will depend on the type of riding you think you will do. The more difficult, technical, and rugged the terrain is, the more you will lean towards dual suspension.


Mountain bikes come with two types of brakes, the traditional rim brake, and disc brakes, which act very much like a car break by grabbing on to the center of the wheel. The benefit of disk brakes is they are not affected by wet & muddy conditions, and they don’t wear out the rims.

Shimano Components



Motocross components that continue to rule the race tracks. The DX components have been thoroughly event-tested by the Shimano BMX team in the USA. DX components feature a step-in SPD pedal, platform BMX pedal, powerful V-bra

ke, hubset, and sprockets that bring Shimano quality and performance to the BMX bike


Extra value for a wide range of casual, utility and youth bicycles. The Tourney components bring extra value to a wide range of casual, utility, and youth bicycles. Choose from five Tourney categories that offer smooth-shifting 5-, 6- and 7-speed drive tr

Guide To Buying Mountain Bikes

ains. You get advanced functions, too, such as Dual SIS, top swing front derailleurs, and MegaRange gearing. Shifter selection includes Revoshift, EZ-fire, and thumb shifter models. New for this year are the smart-looking four-arm FC-TY33(-A) crankset and Megarange-compatible RD-TY23 rear derailleur.



Comfortable control and Shimano quality for MTB-style street and youth bikes. Altus is a 7-speed MTB-style component group for city-sport and youth bikes. Altus provides a feeling of comfortable control that inspires confidence, especially among novice cyclists and younger riders.


Delivers the responsive feeling of a real mountain bike to casual riders and entry level cyclists. Acera is an MTB-style component group that offers 8-speed drive train components. Acera delivers the responsive feeling of a real mountain bike to casual riders and entry-level cyclists.


Style, value, and responsive performance for recreational mountain bikes. Alivio delivers a great combination of style, value, and responsive performance. New Rapidfire shift lever sets and front and rear derailleurs have a more streamlined up-scale look. Eight-speed drivetrain and a full compliment of advanced Shimano functions make Alivio the trend-setting group for quality recreational mountain bikes.


The best value in sport-performance MTB components available today. New components have been added to the Deore group to make it an even better performer. In addition to the current V-Brake, Deore now gives you the choice of hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes too. There`s also a new 4-arm Hollowtech crankset, and the sleek new Directional Design hubs. Add proven Rapidfire shifting, Mega-9 drive train, and full Flight Deck compatibility, and you have the best value in sport-performance MTB components available today.

Deore LX

The The standard in function, dependability and leading edge styling. Available in three color combinations, the Deore LX components deliver high-performance you can depend on.

The group is loaded with advanced features like the Mega-9 drive train, Parallel-Push V-Brakes, Hollowtech crankset, and oversize splined axle bottom bracket, features that express the absolute latest in Shimano component technology. If you appreciate a quality MTB that you can take anywhere you want to go, look for one equipped with Deore LX

Deore XT

The off-road component series that remains the choice of performance-obsessed cyclists. Deore XT was there at the beginning, and has since become the benchmark in high-performance off-road components.

Guide To Buying Mountain Bikes

Rugged and dependable, Deore XT stands up to the punishment of the most radical off-road maneuvers while delivering leading edge Shimano functions that help ypu ride your best. Super-shifting Mega-9 drive train, Hollowtech Crank, and available high-performance hydraulic disc brake system make Deore XT the one to beat


The ultimate racing component group. No compromises here. XTR was designed from the ground up strictly for off-road racing. Made to precision specifications from the highest quality steels and alloys, including titanium, each XTR component offers the ultimate balance of light weight, durability, and precision operation. Developed to reduce bicycle-induced stresses during the heat of competition, XTR represents the leading edge technology of Shimano component engineering. If you race in the dirt, there`s just no other choice.

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