Guide To Buying Tandem Bicycles

Tandem Bicycle riding is a very unique experience, shared between two people. Tandem riding promotes teamwork, shared effort, common goals and a certain closeness between the riders. In todays hectic world, it is not always easy to find quality time to spend together, and couples may find this shared experience, and time spent together rejuvenates their relationship.

Search your area for Tandem-specific clubs, riding tours and multi-day events. In general, Couples who tandem ride tend to be higher educated. secure financially, have great communication skills and enjoy travel and the outdoors. Tandem couples just seem to be FUN! So, search your area for Tandem-specific clubs, riding tours and multi-day events, and begin enjoying the Tandem lifestyle.

The Bike

Tandem Bicycles are usually made with oversize aluminum frames to give them the stiffness required, but remaining comfortable. They have comples setup requirements, and you will need to choose the configuration that bests fits your needs and pocket-book. A high quality tandem bicycle can run you $3,000 to $5,000.

Guide To Buying Tandem Bicycles

Buying a Tandem bicycle is obviously much different than buying a single bike. Once you get proper measurements for yourself, one can purchase high quality bicycles on the Internet without any hesitation. However, buying a Tandem bike requires two people to be fitted together, and you can only do that at a high- quality local bicycle shop.

Although it is fine to research quality tandem bikes online, such as Trek, Cannondale & Litespeed, we recommend you contact local bicycle shops and see what bicycles they carry. Most bicycle shops do not contain a large inventory of Tandem bicycles, so your search may take some more time, but is definitely worth it.

The Captain

The Captain is usually the larger, stronger rider of the couple and is responsible for the comfort and safety of the other rider. The tandem bike is heavier and less forgiving than a single bicycle, so The Captain must be skilled and must pay extra attention to what they are doing! Recovery manuevers are far more difficult on a tandem bike, so be CAREFUL! Beginner Captains find themselves exhausted and tense from this added pressure, but that will pass with experience.

Guide To Buying Tandem Bicycles

The Stoker

The Stoker has the best seat in the house! You can enjoy the scenery on both sides of “the train” and it is your responsibility to wave and smile at everyone you come in to contact with. Your responsibilities are pretty simple. Pedal when The Captain says to. And, try and keep your body and movements steady, as shifts in your weight causes a shift in the balance of the bike. Communicate with The Captain before making any moves for food, water bottles, stretching, etc.


Nothing is more important in Tandem Bicycle riding than having great communication between The Captain and The Stoker (husband and wife… boyfriend and girlfriend…). Never do anything on the bike that is going to scare your partner or make them uncomfortable. The stoker is 100% relying on the captain for their safety, and it is not a game to be played.