Guitar Chords – Learn the A Major

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In this free guitar lesson I will teach you A Major chord And show you some common A chord variations. You will find this chord in just about every style of popular music. Everything from classical to hard rock and including country, bluegrass and jazz feature various forms of this popular chord.

In this lesson, let’s look at the structure on a chord diagram for A chord.

Guitar Chords   Learn the A Major
This chord is played on the second fret with all three fingers close together covering the second,third and fourth strings.

Take a look as Dave plays it on the guitar.

Guitar Chords   Learn the A Major
Another way to form this chord, especially if you have large thick fingers, is to cover the three strings with just two fingers. For this I usually use my second and third fingers to press all three strings.

Experiment yourself and find what’s best for you.

Remember to count along “one and two and three and four and”

Now your strum pattern becomes