Guitar G chord chart

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As you continue to play these chords, it becomes easier to position your fingers on the strings and change chords quickly. As you become more familiar with the chords, begin to press a little firmer attempting to get a better sound.

As you become better at chording the guitar, then you can concentrate on better finger position and trying not to touch other strings etc. For now just have fun with it and go your own pace.

Later on as you play more and more your finger tips will get a little tender. Just stop playing for a day and start again when it’s comfortable for you. Your finger tips will begin to form hard tips as your fingers get adapted to chording and any discomfort will disappear in about a week of playing. I Promise!! As we go along you will see what I mean.

That brings you to the chords that you should learn that will form the basis for all your guitar playing for the future.

The most important guitar chords for songs to learn are the following but not necessarily in order of importance.

G C D F E A B.

Here is a guitar G chord chart.

Guitar G chord chart