Guitar tips – computers for your digital home recording studio

Here I will talk to you about computers for your digital home recording studio.

Most of these helpful tips are from my own personal experience with building my own digital home recording studio.

The Advance Of Technology

Computers have come a long way in being able to handle the intense requirements needed to process audio files, run real-time effects, and all the other things it needs to do.

With prices on computers becoming more affordable and with the advancement of technology, it has allowed the average home recording enthusiast to start doing their own professional quality digital home recordings.

Things To Consider Before Buying

A question you need to ask yourself when purchasing a computer for your digital home recording studio is….What are the requirements needed to run the digital recording software that I have chosen?

Guitar tips   computers for your digital home recording studio

Some standard requirements that a computer for your digital home recording studio must have are…

  • A fast CPU (2GHz or higher processor)
  • Plenty of RAM (at minimum 512Mb of the DDR-RAM type)
  • A fairly big hard-drive (120 GB is lots) Needed because audio files take up a lot of hard-drive space. I recommend getting an SCSI hard-drive because of their faster speed, better performance and reliablility.
  • CD/DVD reader/writer (48X or higher read speed, and 24X or higher write speed)
  • A soundcard (either internal or external)

The soundcard is probably one of the most important peices of equipment to consider for you digital home recording studio. Learn more about soundcards.

Tip!  Make sure that the hard-drive has a speed of 7200R.P.M. or greater as well. Anything slower and you might get pops and clicks in your recordings.

Tip!  You won’t be doing yourself any favors by purchasing a computer with just the minimum requirements, and you definitely won’t get the best performance out of your software. If you are the kind of person that likes running lots of real-time effects, along with being able to playback as many tracks as the software is capable of, then you will want to meet your software’s recommended requirements so that things stay running smoothly.