Half moon window in Dining Room

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by Mike
(Greensboro, NC)

We just finished building our house and I am a bit confused on what to do with our Dining Room. We elected to go with 2″ blinds everywhere except this room.

I was thinking we should do something more formal; such as panels, curtains, etc. There are three windows with a half moon window (not sure what you call it) above the middle window. If we go with a rod all the way across it will be cutting through this window about 4″ from the bottom or a third of the way up the half moon window. I think this will look funny.

I also don’t think we should go all the way up with curtains, covering it. That too would look funny. I was wondering what your thoughts were or how people deal with this style window set. If all else fails we will just put a three-in-one set of blinds like the other rooms.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Half moon window in Dining Room

Hi Mike

Tricky one you have there, so I would go with the same blinds you have everywhere else in your house. Then to give some warmth and style I would add dress curtains to each side window. I would hang them from decorative rods that are only wide enough to support the curtains (about 2 or 3ft).

I would fix them 5 or 6 inches over the side windows. Having them only on the sides solves the problem of where the rod would cross over the half moon window.

Best regards