Hamilton Island is the hub of the Great Barrier Reef’s Whitsunday Islands group

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Hamilton Island is one of the larger islands of the Great Barrier Reef region. It is the largest inhabited island in the Whitsunday group. Situated on the same tropical latitude as Honolulu (northern hemisphere) and Mauritius, (southern hemisphere) the average temperatures in the region are around 27.4°C

Hamilton, is the only Island that you can fly directly to from Brisbane (1 hour), Melbourne (3 hours) Sydney (2 hours) and Cairns (1 hours) with a domestic carrier.

Amongst 73 other islands of the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton is situated very handy to the world famous Whitehaven Beach. (1/2 hours by boat) This famous attraction is situated on the uninhabited side of Whitsunday Island. Over 9 kms long, Whitehaven Beach is formed from pure white silica (from which glass sand is made) and has tropical fauna on one, (the land) side and brilliant blue clear water on the other (the sea) side. No visit to the Whitsundays is complete without a visit to Whitehaven Beach, and it’s no wonder that it’s classed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Hamilton Island is the hub of the Great Barrier Reefs Whitsunday Islands group

Accommodation is very affordable at Hamilton Island (as are most in the Whitsunday region) and a very diverse choice as well, with a selection selection to suit all tastes. And all accommodation has good access to the resorts shops, restaurants,(there are 10 restaurants and 6 bars) and beaches. You can have breakfast with the Koalas (one of Australias famous animal icons)

There are over 40 different activities to partake in on the island or you can simply laze by one of the 6 pools or by the beach. There’s all the action you can handle from scuba diving, snorkelling, (where you can expect to see an enormous amount of tropical marine life, big game fishing amd much more. Of course there’s all your favourites such as helicopter flights, sailing, canoeing, catamaraning etc. etc.

Hamilton Island offers water taxis to visit other nearby islands and for sightseeing.

This is a very popular place to for singles, couples and especially for family (affordable) getaways to the Great Barrier Reef playground.