You have finished the top of your quilt and are now ready to quilt it. There are three ways to accomplish this. tying, hand quilting and machine quilting. I will be showing you the first two ways. There are many good books and internet sites if you are interested in machine quilting. The easiest way to finish a quilt is to tie it.

Before you can quilt your piece you need to prepare your quilt. This preparation is the same regardless if you are hand quilting or machine quilting.


1. Cut a piece of fabric for the back of your quilt. It should be about four inches larger that your quilt front(what you just finished). Press the fabric.

2. Cut a piece of batting the same size as your back fabric.

3. Lay your back fabric, wrong side facing you, on a flat surface. I usually just do it on the floor. Smooth out the fabric so there are no wrinkles.

4. Lay your batting on top, smooth out any wrinkles.

5. Lay your quilt top on top of the batting.

6. Baste your three layers together, using a thread that will show up. Your stitches should be large, since they will be taken out later. You are now ready to tie or quilt your piece.


1. To tie a quilt you will need yarn or crochet thread(use all 6 strains) and a large eye needle.

2. Cut a piece of yarn about 18 inches.

3. Thread the yarn, but Don’t knot it.

4. Starting at the center of your quilt, push the needle through all 3 layers coming up about 1/4 inch from where you went down. Do not pull your thread all the way through, leave about 3 inches on top.

5. Tie the two ends in a square knot. I usually tie it twice to make sure it is secure. Trim both sides to about 1/2 inch.

6. Moving out from the center of the quilt, continue to tie the quilt every four to six inches.

Hand Quilting.

Before you begin to quilt your need to decide what your quilting pattern will be. You can either “quilt in the ditch” which is quilting through your seams, echo quilt, quilting around designs in your fabric, or drawing your own designs on your material. If you are going to draw your own designs, you will need a special marker. You need to be able to remove your marks when you are through with your quilt. There are many different markers that you can use. These can be found at your local fabric store or on my online store. My favorite is the Dritz Water Soluble Wonder Marker Blue. I like this better than the disappearing markers, because it will last. The disappearing kind sometimes disappears before I want it to.

1. You can hand quilt with or without a hoop. I prefer to use a hoop, but I know many hand quilters don’t. Either way you want to make sure your fabric is smooth, with no wrinkles. Good basting will help you.

2. The first thing you want to do is thread your needle and knot it. The knot you use for quilting is different from an ordinary knot. To make a quilters knot, you wrap your thread around your needle three times.(Picture) Then you slide the knot off your needle and down to the end of your thread (picture)

3. You will start quilting at the center of your piece. If you are using a hoop, you will put it on now. I like to use a large hoop at least 14″, so I don’t have to move it too often. But like I said previously a hoop is not necessary.

4. Put the needle through the top layer of your quilt about an inch from where you are going to begin. Bring your needle up at your starting point.

5. Pull your thread and give a slight tug, so that your knot will become hidden between the quilt layers.

6. You are ready to start your quilting. You need to start at the center and work out to the end in all directions. When I was learning to quilt, I learned the most through visual demonstrations. At the time, there was a great show on TV “Simply Quilts.” The show is no longer on TV, but there are great sites on the internet. Instead of me writing out lengthy direction I am going to send you to two good video sites on what to do.

7. You will continue your quilting until your quilt is completely quilted. It is important that your quilt is evenly quilted.

I love to hand quilt. It is relaxing. You can do it while sitting in a comfortable chair watching TV. The thing that you need to remember is that it does take practice. Don’t expect to have a perfectly quilted piece the first time you try. Others will think your quilt is beautiful even if you see mistakes. So don’t give up right away. keep on trying.

Now that you have finished hand quilting your quilt, there is only one thing left to do to have a quilt that is ready to use. The last thing you need to do is bind your quilt


1. Trim the excess back fabric and batting even with the front of your quilt.

2. Measure the length of your quilt. This should be done in the middle and at the ends of your quilt. If the three measurement aren’t exactly the same, take an average of the three

3. Cut 2 strips 2 inches wide by the measured length

4. Fold the strip in half and press wrong sides together.

5. Pin the open edge of your strip to the edge of your quilt. Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Press.

6. Do the same thing with the other side

7. Measure the width of your quilt the same way you did the length.

8. Repeat steps 2-5

9. Fold the binding to the back of the quilt. Starting a few inches from any corner, tack the binding down using a hem stitch. You will continue to sew the binding to the back of the quilt. (I used a contrasting thread color for demonstration purposes, you will use a thread that blends with the binding.)