Handicapping Tips: Why Most Betting Beginners Fail

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This list is designed for the beginning sports investor who has been betting sports for a while and has seen little success. Most beginning sports investors go through the same learning process because they tend to make the same kind of mistakes. If you fall under any of these categories it’s time to reevaluate your betting strategy and come up with a strong new plan of action.

Handicapping Tips: Why Most Betting Beginners Fail

10 Handicapping Tips On What Not To Do

10) Don’t bet on a game only because you know you would feel pissed off if you did not bet on the game and it had won.

9) Don’t try to make up a bad day of losing by chasing or betting bigger units than your bankroll can afford.

8) Don’t fall for the “Game of the Year” and “Game of the Month” advertising gimmicks many so-called pro sports handicappers offer.

7) Don’t bet too many games on the board instead of locking in on a smaller number of games that have been properly researched and handicapped.

6) Don’t bet at only one book taking their horrible money line odds and spreads. You need to bet at a couple of more sportsbooks to get the better price and line if possible. Check out our list of Approved Sportsbooks and begin getting more value in your picks.

5) Don’t always buy points.

4) Don’t bet on your favorite team just because it’s your favorite team.

3) Don’t blindly play favorites or home teams. If they always won the sports betting industry would be out of business already. Make sure to do your homework!

2) Don’t double up at halftime with the same side if you see your original wager losing.

1) Don’t bet on a game just because it is on TV.

I’m sure there are plenty of things we could add to this list. The point is that sports betting is hard work and there’s lots of traps and pitfalls to avoid. Most bettors are their own worst enemy.. Don’t let this be you! The great thing is that bookmakers are beatable. There not gonna roll over and give you their cash but with proper money management, handicapping skills and discipline you can take it from them.