Hanging sheer, drapes, and swag valance

by Helen

What kind of rods do I use to hang sheers, grommet drapes over the sheers, then a long swag scarf over that? I could not find triple rods.

Hanging sheer, drapes, and swag valance

Hi Helen

The best way to go is to fit a double rod over your window. Hang your swag on the front rod then your grommet curtains on the back rod.

Then fit a separate rod or track to the wall under your double rod. Use this to hang your sheers. You may have to put spacers behind the double rod brackets to move it out further from the wall. This will give a little more room for your sheers.

I guess you would have the sheers closed most of the time. so a simple track would probably do to hang them. also your swag would probably cover most of this as well.

Best regards