Happiness Information – How to “Get Happy”

What is happiness? How do you “get happy?” That’s what CLA’s Happiness Information pages are all about. They provide you with a wealth of information on happiness – and happiness is a key factor in Creating Life Abundance. It’s simple – when you’re truly happy, you’re living an abundant life!

By creating happiness, we empower ourselves to create life abundance in all forms.

There are many ways to enhance our happiness. Each person has their favorites. If you don’t know what creates happiness for you, or if you do but you’re not there yet, that’s absolutely fine. The Happiness Information pages are here to help you find out.

You deserve to be happy.

To start with, just know that you deserve happiness. Everyone does.


Learn to face – and manage - your unhappiness.

Before you can focus fully on happiness, you must learn to face your unhappiness. This is very important!

Happiness Information   How to Get Happy

You always have a choice: you can allow your unhappiness to drag you down… or you can take charge, gain power from it, and transform it.

Now I’m going to give you a hugely important piece of Happiness Information:

You can always create happiness!

No matter what, you can always create happiness. And you already have everything you need to create it.

In fact, creating happiness is easier than you think – as long as you approach it in the right way. Think of the process as following a “happiness equation” or “happiness formula”. It’s a process that works with mathematical certainty – as long as you use the right formula!

What is the secret to happiness?

So many of us are looking for “the secret to happiness”, like some sort of holy grail.

It’s like some fantasy of finding a bottle filled with a divine essence known as “happiness”, or uncovering a long-lost scripture or carving upon which the secret to happiness is written.

Once the essence is sipped or the passage read, all troubles, worries, fears and pain of any kind disappear forever… to be replaced with pure happiness.

Well, there is a kind of holy grail of happiness… but it might not be what you expect.