Hate selling your services? Try preselling!

Most indie and small business owners people hate selling.

Just the thought of picking up the phone to call a stranger and present our wares can strike fear into the heart of even the bravest of us. I don’t like cold calling either, but I do need to make a living.

My secret?
Most of the actual ‘convincing people that I’m worth giving money to’ happens on my website. I don’t have to approach strangers because they approach me. And they are usually ready to throw some money my way by the time they do!

In my line of work, this process is called preselling. Most business people refer to this as ‘building trust’ but they don’t quite understand how to do it online. The ones who are most successful at preselling offline, or building client trust, are very friendly and open when they meet a potential client. They are truly interested in helping their client and the client understands that.

It’s painless for everyone. Online it’s just as easy. Even if you already hate selling, if you are already good at building a relationship with your clients in person, it will be an easy transition to get your website to build trust for you. And if you are not yet good at gaining a new client’s total trust, see below for an excellent (and free) ebook to get you well on your way.

Creating relationships
Preselling is all about creating a relationship with your client and showing them that you are trustworthy. That is preselling in real life.
Hate selling your services? Try preselling!
Painless. And doing it online is just as easy. After your website does the heavy lifting, all that’s left for you to do is negotiate when and where to collect the money!