Have fun during play time with your dog

A dog with lots of play time is healthy, happy and more alert.  They sleep better, have more energy, and are socially adjusted.  An active play time will also benefit your dog by keeping him fit and trim.  Physical activity will result in strong bones, a healthy cardiovascular system, and better muscle tone.

One of the biggest problems with pet owners is that they often set up a relationship with their dog that centers around food.  The clear problem here is that your “best friend” is going to get fat.  This results in poor health.  It affects their joints, their heart and their digestion.

A half-hour walk in the morning and another half-hour at night is perfect for the majority of dogs.  Owners who anticipate strenuous exercise for their pet such as jogging, swimming or competitive agility sports should provide additional levels of conditioning.  Begin several weeks in advance and slowly increase your dog’s exercise period each day.  Watch for signs of fatigue and overexertion.  Take a break if your dog begins to show signs of heavy panting, lethargy or a staggering gait.  Be sure to get a comprehensive exam by your vet before beginning such a program.

Have fun during play time with your dog

If you are exercising in hot and humid weather watch for signs of heat exhaustion.  Symptoms are similar to overexertion, however your dog is at greater risk due to the amount of stress that is placed on the heart.  This condition can be avoided by avoiding walks and play time in the heat of the day.  Check his water source frequently.  Be sure the water is clean and cool.  Be sure he has plenty of shade and periods of relaxation.  Also, be sure he has time to digest his food before taking him for a walk or taking part in any playtime. playtime.

In short, your dog loves you and will always want to go for a walk and play with you.  He needs you to provide sensible guidelines for his safely!