Have fun, enjoy the journey!

We almost forgot this important reminder…Have FUN!

Simply put, having fun with decorating and design will produce better results. You’ll be more creative, have more ideas and be more relaxed.

If this sounds backwards to you then at least Pretend that you’re having fun. Smile. You just might trick yourself into having that creative burst!

Also, remember how lucky you are. If you have the means and opportunity to redecorate your home then you are very fortunate: you have choices, power, and an outlet for self-expression. Grab hold of this chance and be in control. It’s a rewarding feeling to leave a mark on something.

If you feel overwhelmed by fear and indecision, then remember to take it slowly. Ask opinions, get more information maybe even hire a professional. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines a little bit. We all
have a little artist inside us, get back in touch with yours.

Have fun, enjoy the journey!
When in doubt and feeling rusty, start with a small room…one that not many people will see. Practice. The more choices and decisions you make, the more confident you will become. Then move to the big leagues…the public rooms. By then you’ll be a pro!

Hey, WE believe in you!