Health and travel Safety Tips

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Health Insurance Safety Tips
Before leaving home check with your health insurance company or provider to understand:

  • What they will and will not cover when you are in a European clinic or hospital
  • What documents they will require in order to make payment
  • What phone number you can reach them at
  • What documents you will need in your possession to access services
  • What information they will ask for when you call from Europe
  • What policy and group numbers you will need to give them when you call

Trip Insurance
Consider adding an inexpensive travel insurance policy:

  • To supplement your own health insurance policy
  • To provide trip interruption reimbursement
  • For emergency air ambulance evacuation back to your home city
  • To pay for emergency air evac in-flight nursing
  • To pay First-Class air fare for family in the event of air evac back home

Make certain that any policy you buy includes emergency air evacuation back to your home city. AND, find out how to access that evacuation procedure should it be needed. Carry all health insurance and evacuation phone numbers in your moneybelt.

Health and travel Safety Tips

Hotel Fire Safety
Jean and I have noticed and commented to each other that many small European hotels have few or no fire sprinkler systems or fire escapes. We rarely even see a fire extinguisher on our floor. As a result, we always ask to be on the ground or lowest floor possible.

In some of the small places we have stayed it has been necessary to use the room key to lock the door from the inside.

Fire Safety Tip #1: If you stay in such a place, after you lock the door for the night leave the key in the door lock. If a quick exit is required during the night you will know right where to locate the key.

Several years ago we met a young couple from Atlanta, Georgia in a Swiss restaurant. The tables were all occupied so we invited them to sit with us. During the meal he explained that he had discovered their small hotel locked all the ground floor exit doors at night and there was no one on duty with a key in the event of an emergency.

Fire Safety Tip #2: Always ask if there is someone on duty all night prior to reserving a room.