Help with french door bay windows

by Anita
(St. Louis)

I have a french door bay window in my kitchen. The doors have built in blinds.

I have a picture window and a window above the sink. Those two windows have a red valance, (huge Betty Boop collector) with 21/2 in blinds.

Here is the problem. What to do for the bay?

Help with french door bay windows

Hi Anita

It’s difficult to say what the right thing to do is with your bay.

I think no matter what you have to stick with the color red as your main color. Also I would favor having a similar valance style as your other windows. It will end up being to much going on if your have too many styles.

If you have blinds on your bay then leave it at that. Try your bay with just the valance and see how you like it after a couple of weeks.

If you feel it still need something else then a pair of dress curtains tied back just to soften the look would probably work.

Best Regards