Helpful tips to buy your Digital Photography Camera

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Like most items that can be purchased by consumers like you, a Digital Photography Camera is available in 3 excellent flavors to match your photography needs.

Pick up any flyer from a retail camera store or view the offerings of the store from your PC, and you will quickly determine 3 types of cameras : Basic , Pro-sumer and Professional.

Lets review these categories before moving on to some buying tips. Basic Consumer Digital camera

This grade of digital photography camera is designed for the budget minded and beginners of photography.

There are scores of models available to you in this category, and they seem to change / update a new model every 6 months, giving way to the saying “disposable digital photography”.

Commonly referred to as Point and Shoot cameras ( because the majority of users set all functions to automatic and shoot away )these point and shoot camera are a good starting point for beginners of digital photography…especially those film converts……..welcome to the other side.

Sensors on these camera range from 2 mega pixels to 8 mega pixels ( the amount of mega pixels seem to be increasing every 6 months to a year ), enough sensor power to make some beautiful looking images when the camera is used properly.

Keep in mind when deciding on the model of camera, that besides the price of the camera, it needs to feel comfortable in your hands when you hold it, carry it, look through it.

Helpful tips to buy your Digital Photography Camera

Photography equipment manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, SSony and Fuji all have excellent models for up and coming point and shoot photographers like you, any of the models from these name brand builders will do the trick. Pro-sumer Cameras

This category of digital photography camera is designed for the advanced amateur and budget minded Professional photographer.

Many different models are waiting to be looked at by you, with the price point at a much higher level.

Equipped with advanced design, sleek styling and with more bells and whistles than the point and shoot category, this type of digital photography camera packs more options and advanced features to aid in your creative shooting.

Sensors on these advanced camera models range from 6 mega pixels to 10 mega pixels ( a figure that is sure to increase with each new model being introduced ) . These highly advanced sensors have the ability to record incredible detail and brilliant colors.

The Pro-sumer models also have an advantage over the point and shoot models in that they allow interchangeable specialty lenses. From wide angle to long telephoto, these lenses add to the Pro-sumer flavor.

As with the the entry point and shoot models, make sure the camera feels comfortable in your hands while holding it, looking through it and carrying it.

Canon, Fuji, Nikon and Sigma and other photography equipment manufacturers all have a healthy assortment from which to choose…..and they are all waiting for you.

Professional camera Models

Manufactured and suitable for the working photographer and those of you who wish to start a digital photography business and make money with digital photography.

Although the advanced amateur may have the resources for this type of professional purchase, the digital camera age has produced the “digital disposable camera”…..like their computer cousins, the value of these camera have only 1 way to go…..and that is down.

State of the art and leading edge technology are part of the workings for professional model camera. The sensors equipped in these babies have enough recording power to complete most any assignment.

Sleek but rugged, the professional model is built to take the rigors of everyday use and inclement weather.

Capable of interchangeable lenses and detachable flash equipment to help you do the job, the professional digital photography camera is versatile.

You will hear many reviews on camera models in this category, but at the end of the day…..your review is the one that counts the most.

Take a blank memory card with you when you go shopping, pop it into the camera you are looking at…..try it in several while you are at the store….take a few shots at high ISO, take them all home and review.

Buyers remorse

While did my best to not believe this type of thinking existed, you may feel this within a few months after purchasing.

Do not let this feeling overcome you…..it is the new mentality of digital, conisder your cmarea disposable….