Helpful tips to keep you in shape no matter where you travel

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Trying to maintain fitness on the go can be a bit tricky. This is especially true if there are no gyms or weights where you’re going. This may be a problem for some, but not for the ingenious.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you in shape no matter where you travel. I call them my “Fitness On The Go Top 5.”

1. Bring sneakers with you. If the weather permits, you can go for a jog or even a long, brisk walk. Doing this is not only a great way to stay in shape, but it is also a great stress reliever. So, if you’re away on a business trip, get away from the hustle and bustle by strapping on those sneakers and head for the road. If you’re away on vacation, this is a great way to get in some sight-seeing, and you kill two birds with one stone.

2. Fitness isn’t just about exercise. It’s also about eating right. Eating healthy while you’re traveling can get pretty tricky. This is mostly due to the fact that you’re more like to eat out when you’re away from home. Fortunately, many restaurants nowadays offer healthy alternatives. For example, instead of french fries with your sandwich, go for the fruit, or cottage cheese. Drink water, or diet soda instead of regular soda. Drink light beer, instead of regular beer. Get some healthy snacks such as dried fruit, and nuts to eat throughout the day.

Helpful tips to keep you in shape no matter where you travel

3. When planning your trip, plan for your fitness on the go too by finding out if your hotel has an on-sight gym. If not, try to choose one that does. If you can’t do that, then choose a hotel near a local gym. Most gyms let you workout for the day, for a small fee. If neither is available, then you’ll have to stick with suggestions number one, and four.

4. Get familiar with bodyweight exercises. They can be your friend when no weight equipment is around. Just remember that gymnasts build fantastic bodies using only bodyweight exercises so they ARE legitimate. Don’t just stick with pushups and situps. Try to come up with bodyweight exercises that work most muscles of the body including the legs and back. Get creative.

5. Get your sleep. Jet lag can be a real drag so try to get your sleeping patterns back to normal as soon as possible. This might mean staying in when all your buddies are ready to go out. Save it for the next day.

There you have it. Those are my “Fitness On The Go Top 5″ tips for maintaining your fitness even when you’re on the go. So if you’re planning a business trip, or a vacation, use my suggestions to ensure your motivation, and your fitness levels stay high. Enjoy.