Here is a good look at French country decor…

The elements of French country decor have some basic similarities to the Tuscan style.

They both have the look of being distressed, age-worn, “shabby chic” appearance, but there the similarities end.

This style of decorating originates in the Provencal region of France and brings to mind of small villages, friendly people and ageless, timeless appeal.

You will think of cobblestone streets and dirt roads, small, attractive mercantiles, majestic churches and cozy cottages in which to live.

This is a beautiful picture, right? I agree. This is why French country decor is another of my favorite styles for home decorating.

A Provencal cottage will have unique, charming exterior characteristics, including walls of brick or stone with hipped roofs and dormers.

There may be creeping ivy over whitewashed brick exteriors which add stunning detail. Homes are not over-large but rather warm and inviting.

French country decor includes color schemes of cream and soft tones of yellow, deep rich reds, hunter and grass greens and a variety of blue tones. An airy, bright feeling is essential in French country design.

Walls will have a natural stone or plaster look accented with heavy ceiling beams and moldings. When choosing paint for your walls, stick to soft, muted light colors of beige, cream or yellow.

Floors will be natural stone or cement in neutral colors. Floor accents may be oval or round hooked rugs. Lighting fixture are predominantly wrought iron or metal, delicately ornate.

Here is a good look at French country decor...

Furnishings come in both whitewash and natural woods, as well as some sturdy mahogany. Furniture pieces are hand-carved with intricate detail.

Windows have multiple panes and window treatments are generally prints, checks and stripes in bright, sunny colors. Tassels are very common on tie-backs and furniture.

Decorative accents include iron candle holders and plenty of baskets filled with bright, colorful flowers. The kitchen area will usually contain a standing armoire with a whitewash finish and shelving for dishes, pots and pans.

The overall look of French country decor is one that is warm, bright and airy. Remember to keep color schemes light to accent on this very important characteristic.