Here you’ll find fun icebreaker ideas and icebreaker games to create a solid group dynamic

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Using icebreaker ideas as a tool actually does a favor for your party guests…it helps them form new friendships easily! Simply by playing icebreaker games at the start of your party can dramatically improve the overall party experience. Icebreaker ideas are limitless and I have many for you to choose from.

For example, here are a couple of icebreakers for a few age groups:

For kids (or adults!) of any age, but best for ages 4-12…

Make a quilt cake! – Make a huge sheet cake and cut into many squares (at least one per guest, but two pieces each is great as well!)

-Set up a cake decorating area and when guests arrive, let them decorate one piece of cake, then place back in the pan to make a “cake quilt”.

-It is awesome fun and the cake looks great!

Or play Clump, this game is hilarious and fun.

How to play:

-Someone needs to be the moderator, they control the music.

-Allow people to dance or mingle

-When the guests hear the music stop, the moderator will yell out a number (must be less than the number of guests!)

-The guests must put themselves into groups of that number. For example, there are 15 guests, the moderator stops the music and yells “5″….the guests must form 3 groups of 5. It is such fun and definitely one of the icebreaker ideas I enjoy the most!

Here youll find fun icebreaker ideas and icebreaker games to create a solid group dynamic

We’ve all been to a party that started so slowly and awkwardly! You walk in to the room and there is no one there that you know! You spend 5 minutes taking off your coat or rummaging through a purse “looking” for something, then wander to the drink area and take your time finding the right beverage, then perhaps you casually stroll over to the food and nose around, the whole time hoping someone comes in you know well enough to have a comfortable conversation with! You might take a chance and strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know and it probably goes a little like this:

You: “Hi! I’m Sarah. What’s your name?”

Joe: “Joe. Nice to meet you.”

You: “Likewise. Are you friends with Mike or Jennifer?”

Joe: “Both of them. I live next door.”

You: “Oooh, ok! I am friends with Jennifer, we work together”

***Awkward silence***

From there you might ask each other what you “do” but after that, you start to feel uncomfortable and wander off to fill your drink cup.

Well, no more of that, I say!

Icebreaker ideas and icebreaker games to the rescue! Your friends will not realize the HUGE favor you did them! They’ll only remember the great party and cool new people they met at your party, all due to the icebreaker games and icebreaker ideas you set up for them to play very early on.

Below you’ll find categories for icebreaker games. Click on them and check out the icebreaker ideas. If you don’t find something in a particular category, look through some of the others as most icebreaker games can work for most situations with little or no modification to rules.

Have fun and remember…party on!

These icebreaker ideas are fun for smaller groups of people! If you have many guests, you can easily divide them into smaller groups.

Take a look at these icebreaker games and play one at your next gathering!

Here is an icebreaker idea to get things going!

Game 1: The Entrance Game

Although it starts at each guests entrance, the game is played once everyone has arrived!

Materials Needed:

-Sheets of paper



Prep Work:

-Have the paper, pens or pencils and hat ready for writing when guests start to arrive.

How to Play:

-As guests arrive, have them fill out a sheet of paper stating two hobbies and one dislike-it can be anything. For example: Skiing, listening to live music, sardines.

Or: knitting, rock climbing, heights

-Once most or all of your guests have arrived, form everyone into a circle.

-Go around the circle and have each person say his or her name and how they know the party host(s)

-Once you’ve come full circle, pass around the hat and each person takes one sheet of paper.

-Again, go around the circle-this time the person reads their slip of paper and tries to guess who wrote it.

-If you guess correctly, you stay in the circle. If you guess incorrectly, you have one more chance to guess. 2 strikes and you are out!-Place your slip back in the hat.

-Continue until everyone is found out! The person with the most correct guesses wins the game!

This game moves quicker than it sounds. For a group of about 10 people, it will last approximately 7-10 minutes.

An Alternate way to play the entrance game!

Game 2: The Entrance Game-Alternate

Another version of the game!

Materials Needed:

-Many sheets of paper

-2 pens or pencils


-Music for a timer (about 1.5 minutes)

Prep Work:


How to Play:

-Once everyone has arrived, form a circle.

-Choose two contestants to stand in the middle.

-Clockwise, have each person state their name, and in one word answers, state 2 hobbies and 1 dislike.

-Mix up the circle-change spots with whomever!

-Start the 90 seconds of music (or whatever length you choose)

-The two contestants take turns guessing as many peoples names and hobbies they can remember.

-They’ll write the answers down and tape it to the person.

-Music ends!

-Whoever gets the most answers correct wins!

-Even if the contestants get something right on the answer sheet, it counts as 1 point. They do not have to get the name, 2 hobbies and 1 dislike correct to get the point. Any correct answer gets one point.

Game 3: The Easiest Icebreaker

Some icebreaker ideas are easy…but this is the easiest icebreaker around. Don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity; I played it the other day and it was really fun, despite how simple!

Materials Needed:


Prep Work:


How to Play:

-Gather everyone in a circle

-Start to throw the ball around the group

-When you catch the ball, you must say your name

-Keep throwing it until everyone has said their name

-THEN, change up the thing to be said! For example-Have someone be the moderator and after everyone has said their name, the moderator might call out “Favorite movie”, then when the ball lands in your hands, you say your favorite movie.

-This can go on as long as you like…change it up! You can really get to know people and their likes or dislikes this way!

-It works well while music is playing!

Game 4: Toilet Paper Tell ‘Em

This is another easy icebreaker that is very simple, but gets people talking! Often a tough thing!

Materials Needed:

-Full roll of toilet paper

Prep Work:


How to Play:

-Gather everyone around and have each person take some toilet paper…as much or little as they like.

-Once everyone has some t.p.; start it off yourself by telling as many things about yourself equal to the number of t.p. squares you have! For example-if you have 4 squares t.p., then state 4 things you like or dislike…hobbies, food tastes, etc.

-Continue around the group until everyone has spoken!