Here’s an honest review of the weider crossbow

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The Weider Crossbow is quickly becoming the home gym of choice for many people who are looking to get into great shape – but can’t or don’t want to use conventional free weights or go to a gym.

If you’re an athlete, and you prefer working on a “machine” as opposed to other modes of strength training – or you’re strapped for time – the Crossbow might be your ticket.

Overall, it’s a pretty good alternative to free weights. It’ll get the job done for most people. You can put together a good weight training program that’ll get results.

The Weider Crossbow has an impressive array of satisfied customers….people who would buy it again if given the choice – and that’s a pretty powerful recommendation!

So, What Are The Main Selling Points?

Price: Compared to Bowflex (its main competitor), the Weider Crossbow is half the price – or less. You can pick up the Crossbow from $499 (on sale) to its “standard” price of $599.

This compares favourably with most home gyms on the market.

Convenience: You can train at home on any day, at any time. No worries about what you wear, what music is playing…or what anyone else may think.

The Weider Crossbow gives you flexibility.

You don’t have to worry about waiting in line or having someone take the machine while you’re doing some other form of cross training. Plus, it takes up little space…you can set it up in the spare bedroom.

Heres an honest review of the weider crossbow

No Spotter Required: No need to worry about dropping 300 pounds on your chest!

Well Crafted Construction: Customers have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality of the Crossbow. There are few issues on faulty construction. Customer service has been good and responsive on the whole.

Quality Workout: You can get a good workout on the Weider Crossbow. There’s enough variety of exercises to keep everyone happy.

Okay, So What’s The Down Side?

It’s Hard To Assemble: This is easily the #1 complaint people have with the Weider Crossbow. It’s going to take most people 4-5 hours to put it together.

It comes with an array of bolts, nuts, and pulleys that need to be carefully counted, marked, and separated before you even begin to put it together. Otherwise, you’ll be there all day…

Leg Exercises Too Easy: Many owners report the leg exercises are too easy and don’t provide enough resistance. You may need to look at an upgrade attachment if you really need to blast your legs.

Squat Issue: Some taller folks report having problems doing squats correctly. They describe it as “cumbersome” or “uncomfortable.” So, if you’re a tall person, and squats are important, you might want to factor this in.

Half Press: On some of the exercises, the “weight” doesn’t start to engage until you’re about halfway through the range of motion.

Overall Review Of The Weider Crossbow

The vast majority of Weider Crossbow owners are happy with their purchase. If you’re looking for an alternative to free weights and/or need to train at home, you’ll likely be pleased with the Crossbow. You could put together a pretty good weight training program.

Compared to alternatives, it’s a good value for the money.

You’re not going to get a free weight type workout on all of the various exercises…that’s part of the compromise you must accept with a multi-station home gym. But the majority of upper body exercises will produce good results.

You’re not going to be real happy if you’re looking for a great lower body workout….especially if you’re a tall person wanting to perform squats.

Putting the Crossbow together gives new meaning to the term “some assembly required.”

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    I got mine free and assembled and I am five foot tall.. So stoked to play with this.