Hestia – your goddess within

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The Greek goddess Hestia turns a house into a home
The Greek goddess Hestia was the goddess of the hearth. The hearth is the central point in any home – without fire we can’t cook and we’ll be cold. A hearth is a difference between just any building and a home. And if she is your goddess within you know exactly what else that is needed to create a home, a place that is more than just a roof over your head. Actually, even if you have nothing more than just a roof over your head you’d probably be able to make that warm and welcoming, too.

Hestia   your goddess within

This Greek goddess was the first child of Cronus and Rhea and a sister of Zeus. But despite she being one of the twelve Olympian gods (there were loads of other gods and goddesses, too, though they took a place in the court, not in the royal family itself) there are not a lot of stories about her. Nevertheless, her significance is indicated by her being the firstborn and she would always receive the first offering.

She became a symbol of the forever burning flame. The fire both in the hearth of the home and in the public sanctuaries dedicated to Hestia was not allowed to extinguish, unless the fire was ritually let out and lit again. A flame from the hometown public hearth would be brought along when new colonies were founded, as a symbol of the connection between the old and the new place.

The ancient Greeks knew what we all know deep down: That our home is tremendously important to us. By bringing Hestia’s flame to war the soldiers would be reminded of home and motivated to win so they could return.

As a Hestia, whether you live in a castle or a cabin, you are able to create a home where every household member feel comfortable and is able to relax and gain forces when returning to the world outside. Your home is a sanctuary. Here are comfortable cushions and a throw on the sofa, a good reading light by the chair in front of the fire place, fresh flowers on the dining table and newly ironed pure linen towels in the kitchen. You know that there are the small details that makes a home cosy and warm.

And then there is food! No fast food or eating out of a packet here. If this Greek goddess is your inner goddess you’ll cook from scratch and will be very concerned that all ingredients are fresh and nutritious. You are concerned about both your own health, but even more about the health of your family members, and you always have a special herb tea for a cold or cough or some special biscuits for melancholia. Health to you is first of all healthy food, hopefully organic. Second, you’ll always make sure that there are wool socks so no feet get cold, extra blankets on the bed and loads of pillows so everyone will sleep comfortable (you might even get up in the night to make sure everyone is fine).If you are a Hestia in disguise, you know that every song and poem written by someone longing home could be dedicated to you…Because the kind of home someone will long for is the home you make.


  • Career: Running a bed & breakfast or an orphanage, chef, interior decorator, housewife
  • Hobbies: Trying out new recipes, knitting or embroidery, decorating, gardening (especially herbs and vegetables)
  • Home: Small or big doesn’t really matter. The kitchen is the most important room and where everyone seem to gather (of course, waiting for the freshly baked bread or cookies to be taken out of the oven!)
  • Husband: The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. You can seduce any man who loves food and is equally seduced by a man who truly appreciates your cooking (and who doesn’t interfere with you decorating the house).
  • Holidays: Like the ancient Greeks brought Hestia’s flame with them when they traveled, you bring pieces from home with you. A sterile hotel room is turned into a home within minutes of arrival because you bring along framed pictures of your beloved ones, your favourite cushion and an extra blanket in case it gets cold. Not to mention that you stuff the hotel room fridge with boxes of your own home made food…you’d hate it if your husband and kids would go hungry because they don’t like the foreign food.