High Fat Food List Is What YOU Really NEED

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Since humans stop to eat fat and fatty meats we have many health related problems. That is why we need high fat food list. This fact is maybe new to you, but anyway this is how truth really looks like.

If you don’t believe me just try to get one of old cooking books, don’t need to be very old, 80-100 years old is enough. When you start to chasing old recipes you will find that vast majority of these recipes is rich in animal fat.

Beef suet, lard, duck fat, butter, full fat cream and milk, all of these foods were eaten by our ancestors. Many of old people still eat this way and those of them who still keep diet rich in animal fats are much healthier than the rest who don’t.

You don’t need to eat 1kg of fat everyday to be healthy, is enough if you get some fatty meats, organs, butter and so on. High fat food list is what people needs these days.

Sometimes when I pass people on the streets I can easily recognize how much their skin is dry and mat, this is because they avoided all of animal fats (vegetables fats are awful ones, not animals fats!).

Fatty meats are the healthiest foods on earth! Together with meat organs they will gave you wonderful health and glance

Your skin needs fats (animal fats) to stay healthy and fresh. I remember when some time ego I start my new diet rich in animal fats, people start to asking me:

“what you have done to your skin? Looks so fresh and healthy…”

my answer was: “I just start diet rich in fats, animal fats…”.

Their reactions were always the same: “this is unhealthy…bla, bla…”.

Today I know who was right and why. I don’t have any health related problems, don’t have flu and cold and I can run many miles nonstop in sun, rain or snow. When almost everyone around me has flu or some other problem I am still in perfect condition!

And sad true is that not many people around me can say the same…simply they are weak. If you want become strong and resistant to diseases you need good foods, healthy foods.

High fat food list gives you everything what you need.

High Fat Food List…

Meat and fish

First on high fat food list are fatty meats and fatty fish because they are a key part of fatty healthy foods. What kind of meats can we describe here? The most important are red meats, meats organs and fatty fish.

They provide loads of nutrients and healthy fats. Fish as you know got omega-3 fatty acids and meat have very good ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids (important is to remember that grass fed meat is much better because of higher quantities of omega-3 and saturated fats).

High Fat Food List Is What YOU Really NEED

Fat in red meat is divided into about 50 % of saturated fatty acids and 50 % of unsaturated fatty acids with slightly more of unsaturated fats. There are not much of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are very unhealthy in too high quantities.

Meat contains vitamins B, iron and many minerals and enzymes.
Fish is the best if is from cold waters like North Sea or any other cold seas. Fish is perfect source of fats and there is strong evidence which proved that big part of our diet was rich in fish and fatty marine mammals.

That is why we have these days so many spectacular discoveries of omega-3 health related benefits. You should know that omega-3 fatty acids are very important part of our brain; there is strong evidence that our quick evolution was able because of these particular fats.

There are even many stronger evidences that we have evolved on swamps and on seas coasts swimming and hunting in waters. Make sure that red meat and fatty fish is in your diet.


Next very important parts of your diet should be organs. Some of animal organs have more fat than regular red meat (there is no big difference but they are fatty).

But why are they so vital ingredient in high fat food list? The answer is simple…because they are the richest source of vitamins and minerals on earth. You will not find so many nutrients in any of vegetables or fruits.

The best composition of your meal should have organs meat, some lean meat and fat. Don’t lose sleep because of stories that organs are rich in toxins, it is simply not true. For example liver is a perfect food.

Yes, liver is responsible for cleaning body from toxins, but liver is not storage for toxins! Liver is not some kind of “box” where our bodies can keep toxins.

There are no toxins, only good and high value nutrients. Remember this and use this knowledge to be healthy. The best fatty meats and organs are from beef, buffalo, lamb and fish.

Coconut oil

Next important element on high fat food list is coconut oil. For many coconut oil is still not known and even worst some of people including doctors and health practitioners describe coconut oil as an unhealthy.

High Fat Food List Is What YOU Really NEED

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest sources of fats which you can get these days. Why is so good for you? Because 99% of it is saturated fat! But what is the best about saturated fat (medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil) is that this kind of fats can’t be stored as a under skin fat! They are all used strait way as energy (but there is one important condition! You have to keep carbohydrates low) and this means you can’t get fatter.

Actually true is that if you include coconut oil to your diet you will lose weight (you will lose fat tissue not muscles. Important is to track Human diet. Use only foods from this website and YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Olive Oil

Another good source of fats is olive oil, but it must be cold pressed virgin olive oil. Olive oil is known to reduce cholesterol but main reason why it is so good is his contents of monounsaturated fats in perfect not damaged form.

Olive oil is not good for cooking because under high temperature is oxidizing really quickly and becoming rich source of free radicals.

In these case free radicals are our enemies and we don’t want them in our bodies (free radicals speed up your aging process). Use olive oil for salad dressing and that’s all (two tablespoons of olive oil per day is enough).

Beef suet

Next on high fat food list is beef or buffalo fat called suet.

It is perfect form of fat, in natural unchanged form it is the healthiest form of fat. Organic Beef suet have ideal fatty acids ratio. You can use it for roasting, grilling and boiling.

I strongly advise you to avoid pan frying (frying is the most unnatural and dangerous way of cooking).

Any other animal fat for example lamb, goat or game fat will be perfect. Don’t go for pig fat, pig lard is poor source of good fatty acids because have wrong ratio of saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (there is way too much of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which are known to cause cancer).

Pigs are not healthy because of their unhealthy diet (in fact pigs have similar diet to our modernized civilized diet, they eat everything! Exactly like 90% of world population, that’s why they are not healthy).

Organic butter is good fat also (go for goat butter, it is much better than regular cows one). It is the best if you can get this butter RAW.

Why is better raw than pasteurized?
Because raw still contains many enzymes and vitamins when pasteurised have no enzymes at all (enzymes are completely destroyed at about 104 F [40 C] degrease).

Generally is better to eat raw food than cooked one. We will talk about it later.

Full Fat Cream

Fat cream is good idea and the best one is goat cream. If you don’t have any problems with digestion of cow products then go for it. Remember that cow products can cause allergies.

The most important fats are above and you should use them in your kitchen. Forgot about all other fats like sunflower oil, grape seed oil, peanut oil, margarines etc. because all of them are totally useless and unhealthy.