High protein food list – 5 categories

“High protein food list-one of the best weapons against diseases…”

“Proteins are the machinery of living tissue that builds the structures and carries out the chemical reactions necessary for life.”
Michael Behe
Word Proteins comes from the Greek word πρώτειος (proteios) “primary“.High protein food list is the most important part of your new diet. Our bodies are built from water, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are like bricks, they are part of muscles, bones, hair, nails.

Proteins are also necessary for all metabolic and catabolic processes in our organism.If your diet lack of proteins I can guarantee that you will get health troubles.

That’s why vegetarian diets are not good for us, vegetables are poor sources of proteins including “holy” soya which is in fact dangerous (there are many studies which confirmed that soya is causing cancer and some hormones related problems. Only Japanese style soya products are safe and health for us. Unfortunately these products (original ones) are difficult to get outside of Japan.

High protein food list is also so important because of Enzymes. They are bio molecules that catalyse chemical reactions; with no enzymes in our bodies life is impossible.

Enzymes are build from proteins and our organisms need them for every single reaction like nails growing, hair growing, replacement of skin, building muscles and bones, properly digestion and many more. Foods from high protein food list will keep You strong and healthy!

“meat is the best source of high value proteins”

Today we know that our organisms are very different and everyone needs different quantities of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in diet.

And we know also that everyone should eat big enough portion of proteins everyday to be healthy and strong. How many proteins? It depends on lifestyle, age, sex, work, weight and even geographic location.

Minimum which must be secured for almost everyone is about 100 grams per day, but quantities are really individual case and there is no one solution for everybody (that’s why many of diets can’t work effectively. They try to put everyone into one basket while this is simply impossible. Our genetic is so different that we can compare it to fingerprints. Every one man and woman is different and needs different quantities of nutrients).

For example for 30 years old man with about 80kg and with active lifestyle requirement for proteins will be much higher than for 45 years old woman who is seating all day in office.

High protein food list is for everyone!
High protein food list   5 categories

“Proteins are Building Blocks of the Body. They are a Part in Every Cell of the Body. Muscles, Organs, and Chemical Regulators of the Body are Made up of Protein.”

“proteins like collagen and keratin are strong and tough and make up your skin, hair, and fingernails”
Too much of proteins can be as bad as not a enough. But still is better to eat more than not enough. If you eat too much proteins and too much of carbohydrates, and fats your organism will convert excess of proteins into carbohydrates and will keep them for later as source of energy in form of under skin fat.

But this is the worst scenario and you don’t need to worry about this, your diet will be perfect and your body will be like Swiss watch.

“High Protein Foods are very well known to suppress the appetite!”

If you going to have Human Diet you don’t need to worry about excess of fat or getting bigger because you will not be able to overeat fats or carbohydrates, natural products contains small quantities of both.

High protein food list will provide you with all the best sources of proteins available in trade, you will find there: meats, fish, poultry and some of dairy products and eggs.

I decided to not place in High protein food list any of sources of vegetable proteins; simply because they are not worth to mention.

“Number One on High Protein Food List. Egg contains all of essential proteins”
High protein food list:
1) Meats, all of meats like Beef, Pork, Buffalo, Dear, Rabbits, Horse, Lamb, Cheep and Wild game, any of these meats will be perfect source of proteins and also minerals and vitamins.

They contains high quantities of creatine, taurine, L-carnityne and vitamins from B group, all of them necessary for properly growth of new tissues and our good health (you will not find these nutrients in any of vegetables…).

You can cook them in water or on stem, roast on grill or even pan fry, but frying is the worst kind of cooking methods, my advice for you is to avoid frying completely.

Frying is destroying fat (too high temperature) which is converted into free radicals and many toxic chemicals! You know what Free Radicals are and you don’t want them to destroy your body and make your life much shorter and painful.

Keep in mind that type of fat you going to use for frying is not important in this case. Basically if you must fry it is better to use animal fats than vegetable ones because animal fats are less reactive than vegetable ones, but both of them will get burned on frypan anyway.

So throw out your frypan immediately or use it only once a week or even once a month. One more important thing…do not eat too much pork if it’s not organic and grass feed.

Farmers feed pigs with sunflower oil mixed with carbohydrates and hormones to make them fatty and heavy. That`s why eat pork only one time per week, or get grass fed pork. Beef is generally ok /even if it is fed with “crap”/, it is still the best choice. Excluding wild game of course, grass fed and organic beef. (“Crap” [vegetable oils, hormones, carbohydrates etc.]

Feedlot beef contains less vitamins and minerals than grass feed beef but it is still edible, unless you are one of the guys who eat everything raw, then is better if you choose grass feed beef because of bacteria’s living on it ).

Meat organs like liver, kidneys, stomach, lungs, brains and glandular thymus are the best sources of high-value proteins, vitamins and minerals and healthy fats but this topic I covered in Main Healthy Food List.

High protein food list is only reviving some high protein products, even these are not the best ones e.g. pork, chickens etc. High protein food list is only to explain and show the richest sources of proteins.

2) Poultry: Chicken, Duck, Goose, Turkey, Mute swan, Indian peafowl, Common and Golden pheasant and any other game is perfect source of proteins. And since chickens and turkey are grown in horrible living conditions is better if you make sure that you don’t eat them too often.

Farmers are using some hormones and other chemicals to make them bigger and growing faster, this is very bad for these poor birds and for us .

So if you can don’t eat chicken every day, try once a week or never.

The rest of poultry should be ok but always make sure you buying organic grass feed ones. If you don’t want to because they are too expensive then choose some other meat, for example beef or fish. Turkey is much better than chicken.

3) Next on High protein food list are eggs. Eggs are perfect source of proteins, vitamins and minerals and fats. In egg you will find all of necessary nutrients for your organism. Egg is one of the perfect foods available for human.

Some people saying that meat and water are two and only two perfect foods on earth and that is true, but eggs should be on this list as well (don’t wary about cholesterol, everything is explained in this article, true about eggs and cholesterol ).

If you like eggs you can eat them. There is no single piece of evidence that you should stop eat eggs. Have your eggs for breakfast everyday if you like and enjoy them and be happy.

But if you like eggs go only for organic ones, never buy those cheaper ones because they from egg’s factories where chickens are closed in small boxes where they can’t even brief.

How to recognize good egg? This is very simple, good egg has light yellow yolk, when bad “factory” egg has almost orange yolk. This is because of colour supplements in their diet.

Avoid “factory” eggs at all. Buy only organic eggs from farms where chickens can live outside and have grass in their diet. Free range eggs should be ok but check information on the box. (There is huge difference between organic eggs, free range eggs, grass feed eggs, omega-3 eggs and any other kind of eggs. To understand the differences read this short article about “Egg Business” )

“BBQ Ribs, very tasty and healthy meat”
4) Fish: Tilapia, Tuna, Salmon, Kipper, Cod, Herring, Beluga, Sea bass, Trout, Carp, Mackerel, Haddock, Halibut, Jack, Sole, Sardine and many more are good source of proteins and healthy fats and there is one issue…

because of the high contamination of water in oceans and rivers many of big fish like Tuna for example contains high dose of mercury which is very toxic and can cause for example: blindness.

If you have choice, buy fish from Indian Ocean, South Pacific or South Atlantic because they are less contaminated, don`t buy fish caught in North Atlantic or North Pacific.

Don’t buy fish from waters around Europe or North America, closed seas or big and busy rivers because there is a lots of toxins and chemicals coming into the water from land.

Of course I know is not easy to find out from where particular fish is coming from, but is good to ask anyway, maybe you will get the answer.

For example popular Tilapia from river farms is not good choice because of high levels of omega-6 fats and very low levels of omega-3. Omega-6 fatty acids are pro inflammatory and are responsible for causing cancer and other health problems.

If you like Tilapia or Tuna eat them but not every day, eat instead some Salmon, Cod or Mackerel.

5) Next on High Protein Food List are dairy products. On this high protein food list you will find only goat or sheep milk, yogurt or cheese, no Cow stuff at all. You can eat every cheese which is made from goats or sheep milk. You may ask why?

Because Cow milk is responsible for many eating disorders and lots of allergies. If you have some allergy your first step to get cured should be to throw away cow milk products from you diet.

Goat milk is much better and contains more minerals and vitamins. In my opinion the best Goat product is yogurt.

Bulgarian farmers ate goat yogurt everyday in big quantities and they were among the healthiest and strongest people on this glob. They lived much longer than we are now…so this is good reason to take a look at goat yogurts.

Of course if you don’t like dairy products don’t eat them, meat is a better source of proteins anyway.

Always when you want to buy food product double check company name and information on label, all meats which you are buying should be fresh and good looking (red colour).

The best places to buy food are farmers markets which are even cheaper than normal big stores.

At the farmers markets you can try to lower price or make some special deals with seller. If you want to buy bigger quantities the price should be cheaper, sometimes is enough to show many to the seller and he will make some nice deal.

Remember never agree with first price; always try to make price lower, as much as you can.

If you think that healthy foods are more expensive then you are wrong. You will safe your money, time and health if you start eat healthy foods today.

Take a notepad and make a list of your expenses for drugs, health insurance, phone calls, doctors and any other health related time wasters.

Include your time which you spent for all of health related tasks e.g. drugs shopping, doctor’s visits, hospitals etc. then calculate that time per your hour rate. Add some part of your energy bills as well. Finally add all together and… get shocked.