High school baseball drill for the relays coming in from the outfield

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I’ve been coaching high school baseball for many years and would like to offer my favorite baseball drill. This drill is for relays coming in from the outfield which require a cut-off man to catch and release the baseball as fast as possible.

I start off with a stop watch and instruct the shortstop, first baseman or whoever should be the proper cut-off man to catch the relay in their normal fashion (typically with their back to the infield) and then turn and fire the baseball to home plate. We have a competition between the infielders to see who can beat the best time from when it touches the relay mans glove to the time it reaches home plate.

As each one completes the task, fighting it out to see who can do it the fastest, we record all of the times on a marker board. We then instruct them in the proper method of catching the relay on their glove side, body sideward, while striding toward home plate in one fluid motion so they’ll have momentum on their throw.

High school baseball drill for the relays coming in from the outfield

As high school baseball coaches we have to say very little as the players easily recognize the difference between the correct method and any method. The difference in time and speed is like night and day. Usually the slowest “proper relay method” easily beats the fastest time utilizing the correct relay throw method.