High Speed Reading Facts

The average executive and college graduate read under 300 wpm with 75% comprehension of basic material.

Our brain requires twice the amount of energy to learn than it does to relax.

Speed learning grows dendrites (the connections between brain cells).

Traditional reading is a left-brain activity.

Speed Reading is a right-brain activity.

The average college student rereads sentences or phrases 20 times per page.

Most of us read only as fast as we can speak.

High Speed Reading Facts

Learning Speed Reading is like learning any other psychomotor skill. Like tennis, it requires instruction and practice.

Yes, Speed Reading requires practice. Sorry! No magic pills.

Speed Reading does require behavior modification because it asks us to let go of old habits and adapt new skills.

60% of the words we read are structure words, not content words. This slows us down dramatically. It also interferes with comprehension.

Eyes are attracted by motion. Using an aid like your finger to move quickly across the page helps stop subvocalization and regression.

Guiding Techniques improve peripheral vision.

Students with ADD/ADHD, and dyslexia are excellent Speed Readers.

Best age to learn Speed Reading? Children 8-12 are gifted at Speed Reading.

Anyone of normal intelligence can learn Speed Reading.