History about the coffee

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Coffee history is an interesting story, and has guaranteed an ample supply of great coffees throughout the world. By most historical accounts, coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia many hundreds of year ago, Many today still beieve that the worlds best coffee beans come from there.

It was transported to Arabia, and what is now known as Yemen. The versions of how it got there are as varied as the people who tell the stories. But, needless to say, coffee was beginning a journey that would eventually change the world.

History about the coffee

Somewhere near the end of the 15th century, coffee had reached the holy city of Mecca. In a short time coffee drinking had become a regular social habit. As Mecca was the center of the Muslim world, Muslims in other cities would eventually copy the social and cultural practices of Mecca. Coffee history indicates that from Mecca, it spread to much of Arabia, North through Syria, and west to Egypt.

History about the coffee

Over the next one hundred or so years, coffee seeds were carried or delivered by various sources, to Martinique, Dutch Guiana, throughout the west Indies, and throughout Central and South America. Coffee went where ever Europeans would go. The French were responsible for coffee arriving in Guadeloupe, and what is now Haiti, and from there, throughout the French Antilles.

The Spanish took coffee to Puerto Rico, Cuba, Columbia, Venezuela, and the Philippines. The Portuguese introduced it into Brazil, who was to eventually become the worlds largest producer.

The British introduced coffee to Jamaica, home of the now highly sought after Blue Mountain beans. This is also considered by some as the worlds best coffee beans, and it’s certainly one of the most, if not THE most expensive coffees in the world.

Finally, in the early 1900′s, the slopes of Mount Kenya and Kilamanjaro saw their first coffee trees. Ironically, it took nearly 500 years or so for coffee to be introduced to what is now known as Kenya and Tanzania, only a few hundred miles from its birthplace of Ethiopia. Coffee history had finally come full circle.

History about the coffee

But, with all these countries now growing and harvesting coffee, how do you decidewhere the best coffee beans come from? I personally do not think there is a “universal” best. It is all a matter of opinion and taste. But, there are some coffees that are considered the worlds best. Lets review some of the major coffee growing countries, and what each has become known for in the coffees they produce.